2 NKs I made in Discord

The Rager

Passive: Rage: You will attack and occupy all visitors. Can be toggled at any time (suicide-style).
Passive: Rock Solid: Immune to occupy, redirection, and bleed.
Day ability: Fiery Touch: Silence target player and prevent voting for the rest of the day. 3 uses.
Day ability: Resolving Rage: You will become immune to death tonight. 2 uses.
Night ability: Block: Redirect your first target to your second. Unlimited uses.
Night ability: Fury: Attack target player, bypassing death immunity and healing. Can only be used when Rage is disabled. Can be used in jail. Unlimited uses.

The Vampire

Passive: Malicious: You and your converts appear as their Unseen class (you appear as assassin) to the Sheriff, can be caught by scout, and you only spawn in unseen games. If you can’t convert and don’t have any converts (including PK), you are immune to death at night.
Day ability: Foresight: Reveal target player’s class. 3 uses.
Night ability: Drain Blood: Attack target player. Unlimited uses.
Night ability: Convert: If target player is convertible, they will be able to win with you, but not BD, and can speak with you at night. You win so long as at least one of your converts are alive. The oldest convert will replace you upon your death. Unlimited uses, 1-day cooldown, can only be used if unseen is full or don’t have a Mastermind.

I would love feedback!

Yes, I know you hate Rager @TheBlueElixir

You still owe me Vampire feedback

The vampire sucks

Lol. Couldn’t resist a pun

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already gave rager feedback so




this is stronk

notably if vamp lets them keep their class
bc having a butler or a (new) court wizard on your side can be insane

also I think this: exists to prevent non-BD to get numbers too quick?

moi problem with this is that it may take awhile to be able to convert and your p weak while without a convert
also relying on another faction to change your chances of winning isnt great

id probably recommend just a longer cooldown or somethin

got distracted but I had a thought; what if convert was 1 use instead of cooldown and they would become another Vampire(the vampire should probably be able to have only 1 kpn or though)

class is ok
current state its converts can be p strong if i understand how that works correctly and the relation with unseen and unseen conversion is eh
I do like foresight though
just think this class probably shouldnt base too hard around conversions even if that’s its niche

looking at this gave me a few ideas for other classes i could make but thats not important

When is rage disabled?

This is not NK, this is another evil faction

Whenever you want it to be.