2d3 - Mafia Victory

:game_die: 2d3 :game_die:

Hosted by Marluxion


Don’t be a jerk
Don’t gamethrow
If I have to prod you more than once, you’ll be replaced.


Days will be 36 hours
Nights will be 12 hours
Voting is plurality. Majority is not in play until final 3.
The Mafia have one factional kill per night. Any member can perform it. You cannot perform the factional kill in addition to your other night actions.
The Mafia have a day and night chat.

The Setup


It’s simple. Two three sided dice are rolled. The first roll determines the two town power roles. The second determines the mafia power role. Afterwards, you fill with 1 Mafia Goon and 5 Vanilla Town.

Here is every possible setup.

Town Rolecards

Vanilla Town

You can’t act at night. You’re still amazing!


You can heal someone each night, preventing them from dying.


You may check one player each night to see if they are a Vanilla Town.


You may check one player each night to see if they are a member of the Mafia.


You may follow someone each night, learning who they visit (if anyone.)


Once per night you may protect someone from kills and also roleblock them.

Mafia Rolecards

Mafia Goon

You aren’t special, but at least you can perform the factional kill!

Mafia Roleblocker

You may roleblock a player each night, preventing them from acting.

Mafia Rolecop

You may learn a player’s role at night.

The Prize

After the game, one member of the winning faction will be selected as the MVP by myself based on their performance in this game. The MVP will be allowed a custom title of their choice (It must also abide by all other forum rules.)


  1. hjasik - Tracker - Died Night 1
  2. Firekitten
  3. Icibalus
  4. Luxy - Cop - Died Night 2
  5. Bluestorm - Vanilla Town - Executed Day 2
  6. Ashe
  7. WazzaAzza (subbing in for gamerpoke) - Vanilla Town - Executed D1
  8. orangeandblack5
  9. Livicus



Although honestly I don’t need to since I already have a title :yee:

only change i’d suggest is to make the Tracker macho in C3, because fuck the game becoming Follow the Cop once one wolf dies

other than that we’re cool

There is no cop in c3

Tracker only sees who people visit
not who visits them

Marl is a bad host

Tracker is effectively a Cop once one of the wolves is dead. Think about it



Add fool to this setup please

lets hope I am not rolling mafia

but seriously if the Tracker isn’t made into a M A C H O Tracker in C3 then the game is over for the wolves as soon as one of them gets lynched.

I’m leaving it as is
Tracker can’t know exactly what setup it is anyway so you can’t play the “We are exactly c3” world

Remove tracker

We saw what happened in vlr

This setup is balanced as is, no

I hope I don’t roll mafia

A1 is slightly villlasided but it should be fine without an N0
A2 is also fine.
A3 is fine if the Cop is made Macho in the same vein as C3, if the Roleblocker is lynched then village instawin
B1 is decent if the wolves get a good kill off early, otherwise pretty village sided. I’m fine with it because it rewards PR hunting.
B2 is one of the only 100% balanced setup in the whole thing tbqh
B3 is a tiny bit wolfsided but probably fine.
C1 is also 100% balanced
C2 is very slightly wolfsided but mostly okay
C3 has already been covered