2d3 Turbo - Mafia

TripleHaven is:

Mafia Goon

Intensify is:

Mafia Rolecop

Every night you may choose to target someone to learn their role.

At any time, you may submit logs to me to be displayed upon your death. Your final version will be the one used.
Every night, in addition to any actions you may use, one of you may attack someone.
You win when you gain parity with the town.

Is TripleHaven even here

yea i didnt know this was starting

we can just kill from active posters and win

Do we just factional all the active players

lmao yeah, pretty much

Alright cool.
Who do we factional first you reckon?

thunal maybe but im biased towards people i know

magnus also a good choice

Submit Magnus Factional Kill

Welp I guess that works.
/factional Thunal

Oh yeah btw check someone not Magnus, since there’s no way he can Masons in a goon + mafia cop team and I doubt he would claim another PR as PR

fair sounds good to me

So do we Magnus or Thunal?

  • Thunal
  • Magnus

0 voters

night is over anyways

And who is killing?

im goon so i will do it

Night isn’t over. It ends when I say it is :stuck_out_tongue: