54321st Poster gets a cookie - mods are cute

I am fine with this

I don’t have to wake up at 6 am every day

This is fine

When it’s finally getting warmer out then it snows 2 inches again

not only that but i’m currently in the experimental stages of increasing the weight of my quilts, something which I just realised is long overdue. it’ll take a while to callibrate the weights properly but if i manage to keep the temperature constant i’m pretty sure i’ll be able to sleep much more restfully

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i don’t know why i told everyone this but whatever

weighted blankets are the bomb tbh


Is this it?

it’s usually a cop that alternates between allignment peeks and role peeks and there’s no backup but otherwise yeah

Backups are to reduce swing

Role peek as in

‘Your target is a poisoner’ or ‘Your target is the mafia poisoner’

your target is the poisoner

What is better, pure alignment or alternating?

honestly i’ve forgotten 90% of the balance of that setup

Ok do you want to play it perchance?

no because i’m under a lot of stress and playing mafia does not help with that

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I hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:

god dammit i can’t read real life expressions but my annoying skill at reading emoji expressions makes me dislike the :slightly_smiling_face: emoji

it’s like the most patronising face ever

:slight_smile: is my fav emoji

I meant it as a smile

The forum corrects [:)] to :slight_smile:

then perish