[5e] One Shot game?

Basically a thread to see if anyone would be interested
I’ve got Tuesdays 5-10 PST free for the next month

oh yeah and I’m back I guess

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hi geyde, rly sorry i abandoned you

im still down for pathfinder if you want, but ik probs not

if you want to, sure
ami has since started a pf game (is kinda in the void now)

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id be down i kinda like the pathfinder one


pf one-shot to help people get acquainted w/ the system?
seems good


So how ya been


how about ultra power
each level 40, level 20 of 2 different classes at the same time
vs some very very powerful bestiaries

Spent the last month learning how to actually be effective

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In school, not fm

I mean I could do that
Would be really wack but if that’s enjoyable sure

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/express interest

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i blame work and me being swamped with other shit

reply yes if want to join
reply (or just not reply) no if no join


This is for pf one shot
I’ll figure out if it’s high level or not later

Thank you Em, very cool!

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