A place to ask questions

Hi! This is the place to ask and answer questions related to the forums or FM (note that if you want to ask about ToL, go to Discord’s #ask-a-guide at https://discord.gg/tol)! Be sure to refer to https://wiki.mafiascum.net, https://forum.imperium42.com/t/guide-using-discourse/83609?u=thepigeonnyc, https://forum.imperium42.com/t/guide-using-discourse-for-forum-mafia/83610?u=thepigeonnyc, and https://forum.imperium42.com/t/post-formatting-tips/76746 before asking! Enjoy!

Is this the right category?

What is the purpose of this thing

Is this real life?

Is it just fantasy?

We are getting an increase of newbies, so I decided to make this to answer their questions.

We have a truly massive influx of like 2 people every other week
Oh god we absolutely require a special way to put all questions in one place when there’s like 3

It’s insane
How will he do it?

We can’t do this
Return to monky

Why are we still here? @Chloe

This is not an official thread. Please change the title to something appropriate or the thread will be locked.

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What should the title be? I want this as a legitimate place for newbies to ask questions.


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This is bullshit reasoning and you know it

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Is this a better title?

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Great! I didn’t mean to cause any conflict with the title.

Please respect the forum mods. This is not constructive critique.



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Wait, Priestess just posted on the forums!

Why are you pinging Arete here? This is not the cookie thread or #fol-off-topic, or anything related to the topic

As a flex of my social status

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There are very few ways to word what I considered without it essentially being a reality check