A place to ask questions

There are very few ways to word what I considered without it essentially being a reality check

Not a newbie, but a question nonetheless
@mods I noted recently that the birthdays thread was moved off of off-topic and locked, preventing even those with thronepass from posting there

Does this mean the mods will be calling out peoples birthdays in that thread? :^)

is this is now a monkeposting thread

Please refrain from posting spam.

Vulgard and Light weren’t called out, so idk. I think it’s the thread where the mods choose who their favorite users are

We won’t be posting any more “happy birthday” posts in there because we don’t want to seem like we’re picking favorites
There are also… a lot of birthdays to keep up with

Along with this, it’s still technically an off-topic thread, and we don’t want to bypass the paywall.
So unless the Thronepass monthly goal is met, the Birthday Thread will stay in #general and locked.

how are babies made

This is off-topic

the topic is

A place to ask questions

I had a question, did I not?


I wanted an answer from a forum moderator because I think my parents are lying to me when they say that it’s the stork.

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this thread feels ultimately kind of pointless given #ask-a-guide is more convenient for every ToL related question and FoL questions are usually answered by reading the classcards and the OP(or by bitching at Geyde) and if you have a question during a FM game asking here is super angleshootable so you’d still ask in your classcard PM anyway

why does it exist

that is a question

It’s a way to ping the moderators 100 times in 2 days in a new medium

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I want to stop this from happening (or give it a proper place)

the bitching at geyde thread sounds wonderful tbh


isn’t that just the FoL feedback thread


Doing it there, however, isn’t related to FoL feedback. Doing it here means you’re doing it where it belongs.

You can lock this if you think this is unnecessary.

What is the capital city of Lithuania?

ur mom


Sick burn