A question about two different types of reports?

In my GDPR log, I read the thing and I spotted two different things. (Apologies if this was already asked.)

“JusticeNumReportsRecieved and statsReportsReceivedDeprecated”

What is the difference between those two?

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I think this is the number of reports about you that got deemed guilty.

I think it is the amount of the reports that you got that either didn’t get reviewed or got deemed innocent.

I’m going to guess total reports and reports you were found guilty in based on the definitions but @í42-Xblade can likely give a definitive answer.

reports received = whether guilty or not. We can then calculate your games to reports ratio. While doing reports, we’ll eventually use this to raise priority levels based on one’s “troll potential” (games:reports ratio)

Anything that says deprecated = doesn’t matter, it’s not tracked anymore. We switched the way we tracked this type of stat (technical crap - we count from arr[] instead of aggregation++)

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