A small change to the Merc/SS that will fix their problems as uninteresting function neuts

Following my previous post (link at the buttom), I thought of a simple way to fix the Merc’s toxicity in the game.

In addition to making it so the Merc can’t vote, and doesn’t count as a living player in terms of how many players are needed to up someone for trial, the Merc will be convertable into Sellsword.

Into specifics (after the clickbait title):

-Seller of swords no longer spawns naturally, it is only generated by being converted.
-The new Sellsword doesn’t count as cultseen member, and will not know who are the other mafia members, but will still trigger a convert (putting the convert ability into the 2-day cooldown)
-The Sellsword will still be able to side with NK.
-The MM and CL would be able to use their conv ability after having 3 or 4 players respectively, but it will only trigger if they hit the Merc.
-If a Merc has already won, and than got converted, he will win the game regardless of result, but will receive bonus gold if Evils win the game.

The result of this will be that Merc wouldn’t be able to claim N1, since they will be converted if they do so once the Cultseen reach max members. (BD would just execute day 1 Merc claims).
Also, the Merc will not feel like a Neut that can just decide based on his agenda who wins when the game comes to 2-4 players alive, he will either be disabled since he completed his objective, or be a sellsword siding Cultseen or NK.

Edit: The MM would know that he converted a merc to SS, don’t know how it will work flavorwise since it doesn’t make any sense to try convert someone to the cult, and as a result to turn them Evil without making them believe in Mithras. --> gameplay-wise, the CL and MM would know they hit the merc.


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I love how this would kill D1 merc meta

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wow convertible merc

very novel
much new

Still I am genuinely interested in the concept of making it convert to Sellsword but keeping Sellsword Neutral rather than reverting it to an Unseen role.

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My only question here is does ss join the night chat that unseen/cult have and does ss see their scum buddies

No, the Merc changes his somewhat wholesome and protective role to the evil Sellsword we all know, the Sellsword is still a neut that excels in selling swords, and has no idea who converted him, the SS as I said, still wins with NK as well as Unseen.