A Thread For New People to Come Say Hi

Just as the title implies…
If you’re new to forums, come here and say hi to us. We’re very friendly I think and we appreciate new people joining us. Other than that, have a nice day after coming to say hi to us.

Heya, new to the forums myself.
Volt ingame and Volt on the forums, will soon be participating in Forum of Lies.


well then hello, you may or may not recognize this user from TOL

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I have never seen you before

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Hi, I’m geyde
I drink a lot

Hello, I’m new.


hello! im min ingame and on here. ive never actually made any sort of account for forums so im just going to be looking at everything for a bit. min go brr




what constitutes as “new”?

what constitues as “people”

New could technically be all of us. People could be all of us except for @katze because she is a cat.

So currently, every single member of the forum besides discobot, system, and katze, can say “Hi” on this thread. I am happy with kat being excluded, but honestly this is very poorly defined and currently only 1 invalid member is excluded.

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Did you gain some sort of grudge against Kat a couple days ago or something?



Always and forever
Dueling Kat is a right of passage

losing to kat is also a right of passage

because nobody wins when im around

everybody loses

are you sure about that

hiya, a wild chili popping in to say hi to everyone

what about me
i’m a country

I’m French.

Hi new, I’m Kyo

Hi a country, I’m Kyo

Hi French, I’m Kyo

@Insanity don’t use zalgo please.

I am not zalgo bombing >:(