Academy {Main Thread}


Spring 1834. The Train Station bustled with activity as the people alighted from the train. The western town of the falling petals was a sight to behold, nowhere else could you see the fluttering of the falling pink petals.

Upon stepping out of the station, a small town square would greet you, with a modest fountain decorating the centre. Several buildings surrounded the town square, ranging from a clothing store, groceries and the Armory. An inn can be seen by the left street, while the right street leads to the residential area. The town had that touch of humility and cosiness. The leaves danced in tandem to; the calm and gentle rustling of leaves softly echoes, the morning breeze.

Oh, the trail of students walking further north of the station exit, you could see a church to the left, and the opposite direction led to more houses, though it also led to the river stream, where fishing enthusiasts gathered. The white chapel acting as the town’s church, wood lining its walls in stripes. The mixture of brown and white made it ever the more rustic, humility at its core.

A stone pavement coats the road after passing the church, indicating a change of venue. The road splits into 3 here, with two dormitories on the end of the east and west paths. The gate can be seen further into the northern path. The concrete walls that adorn the school grounds are bright beige, with the gates made from strong steel. A secure site for military students to practice.

There is a stand with people manning the stall. Behind them are 6 boxes set up neatly, with class numbers.

The morning is due. It is 0800.
The entrance ceremony begins at time 0900.
Take your time to prepare. You are to hand over your weapons over to one of the student council members standing by at the gate.

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Act 1: New Horizons


March 12 1834

There are two ways to enter Finera. From the Train station or the Eastern Highways. The Highways are equipped with lanterns that repel monsters so people will have a safe journey.

Though most people use the train now so the highways might be a little redundant.

The town is flooded with students. Sporting blue or white jackets, the students explore the town of Finera.

RPers. You have a black jacket as a school uniform. You can head straight to the school grounds OR explore the town itself. Don’t be late!

When you reach the entrance, please ping me!

Big ciy. New life. Check, check. Nice, nice.
Margoreth - not the RNGoddess but the mundane commoner - got out of the train station. Supposedly where she was supposed to land as a guy on the same uniform also went through the station’s doors. Not used to the violent influx of people, she really took her time getting lost in the station before finding the way out.
Approaching the exit arc, she looked around the town. Simple petals fell on a fountain even if there was no tree near, carried by the wind. She noticed the grocery store and searched her pockets for the money she brought home specifically to this end.

Matija hops off the train and breaths in the air of Finera. This is the start of his life, at least in the military. Though he came from one of the lesser noble houses, he is determined to make his house the most prestigious house in Adiart through military achievement. He headed out to the store to purchase some essentials for school life.

Bitter to realize one of her notes stood in the train, Margo still had enough to buy a snack even if she heard that things in the bigger places were most expensive. Not a big worry anyway, the academy should have free food and… three hours? Of initiation ritual shit should be more than aturable. She headed towards the store to see if it had some chips or whatever.

Faustus hops off the train, walking past Majita to stop and do a full 360 around. Nodding in approval, he walks toward the stream, then stops to lean on a nearby tree, watching the fishing enthusiasts.

Matija curious of why hes heading to the stream stops heading to the store and approaches Faustus

The Stream in Finera

A senior student wearing a white jacket is up with his fishing gear, whistling as he stood by with his fishing rod. He is accompanied by 3 young children, all chattering loudly about something.

Faustus looks at the kids, listening to their conversation, whilst being oblivious about Matija following him.

Matija, taps on Faustus shoulder, trying to grab his attention

The General Store: Gamma’s Groceries and More!

The store is a humble store, with various shelves storing different ingredients of all kinds. The man manning the store stood behind the counter, watching the many students walk in.

“Welcome to Finera! May your start at Forsyth’s be a wonderful one!” He boomed out.

The ingredients weren’t particularly expensive…
The innkeep could be a better choice for food.

Faustus looks at Matija, with a confused look. Why is this man trying to grab his attention, out of anyone else in this city? Sighing a bit, he says; “Good day, what am I needed for?”

“Mr. Fawkings! Please teach us more about the fish!”
They point excitedly to the two fish in the bucket beside him.

“Yeah… this is a Finera Trout. Watch its brown fins and stripe running down its tail? This fish is commonly caught…”
The student seems to be enjoying himself.

“Well, you seem to be wearing the same uniform to me so I assumed we are going to the same school, and uh I figured I should get to know my classmates!”

“Anything cheap to eat?” She replied bluntly as to kill the joy in the air.

“Well, then I’m Faustus. Faustus Duilius. Nice to meet you.” He offers a handshake. “Now, may I ask, who are you?”

“Aha! One of the common questions!”
He boomed, before picking out a rich sandwich.

“We’re giving out free sandwiches to all students! A nice hearty sandwich will perk your day right up!”

The rich sandwich contains medium rare beef, lettuce, tomatoes and white bread.

Her eyes brightened a little, whilst her face stood stoic as she took the meal from the shop owner’s hand and gave i a great bie. They should have been patrocined. She started to think why. “Was this a common measure before?”

“Matija, from the house of Branković. One of the lesser noble houses here in the realm, but I aim to turn that around!” Matija gives him a firm handshake

A bit surprised at the firm handshake, he says “Branković? Sounds… foreign. Sorry, but I have never heard of it before. Anyway, for me, I’m just some commoner kid, nothing special.”