Academy RE:VAMP (Character Sheets)

Here is a Sample Character Sheet for you to copy! Just remove all the brackets and ya’ll be fine!

Name {Isn’t it obvious UwU}

Gender: Male/Female {Make sure it’s within reason. If I find an attack helicopter I’ll send one after you.}
Age: 16/17 {If younger/older, please specify reason in backstory.}
Appearance: {A picture, or a written description. I would prefer if you had your character’s height up.}
Class: Noble/Commoner
Origin: {Locations can be found in the Locations thread.}
Backstory: {Where was your character born, what type of life did they live? Any major influences or dreams they have?}
Weapon: {As long as you can explain how it was made and how the character will use the weapon, it will be allowed.}

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Uriah Tolliver

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Although at first glance he may appear to be a normal person, his fair skin and grace suggest noble blood. Uriah has dark hair and bright eyes, both green, with a weary expression on his face. Carries a sword on his back (see more in Weapon). Stronger than he looks.

Class: Commoner

Origin: Zephys

Backstory: Uriah claims to have been born of Zephys, a town South of Leeves, nearing the Noble Centralized City St. Rias near the coast, where he had lived an unlucky life. His mother died when he was young, and his father followed not long later. While there, he learned of the military Academy and decided to enrol, as a way to learn the Arts and combat.

Weapon: A well crafted broadsword forged by a talented forgeman in the Lavis Mines. Shows affinity with the Arts. The blade is marked with the emblem of Adiart.

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”Let’s see ‘ere, the issue is that your a sod of bricks that aint use that slag of pink up in ya head”
Appearance: 5" 9’

Homeland: Thashopolis
Class: Commoner
Backstory: An enigmatic lady from Thashopolis. Loved Engineering and Music, thus combining the two together with her creativity. Having a Recommendation from a reputable alumni of the school, she seeks to further her education in Silias’ Branch Academy.
Weapon: A Flute

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Name: Aleksei Bishop
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5 foot 7 inches
Class: Noble
Origin: Terrion
Appearance: image
Backstory: As a son to a courier, when Aleksei’s father finally retired, he proudly took the mantle and continued the tradition. His father ran the dangerous jobs, the ones that were to be delivered to less civilized parts of town. So naturally he volunteered for those jobs, and used his father’s weapon of choice: a custom made combat knife that was also his grandfather’s weapon, and so on. Attempted thefts were few, but when they happened, it usually ended bloodily. Luckily, with either his expertise with knives or the attacking party’s in-expertise with knives, he only received light injuries, with the worst being a nice slash on his right arm. At first, his parents worried for him, but eventually they stopped, with his father knowing it was the same situation decades ago for him. The job paid enough to support his family, and life was fairly nice. Though, Aleksei could always feel tension in the air. The tensions between the states of Adiart and Telias that kept growing, and eventually it got to a point where he couldn’t just do the same job. He wanted to enlist as a soldier, and dreamed of becoming one of those stormtroopers father used to tell him about. The ones that would charge right after an artillery barrage, and would take enemy fortifications that were very well defended. Of course, with his age, he was denied fast. Walking on the streets infuriated, he suddenly heard a conversation about a magical school in Finera that’s accepting new students. The school apparently taught them magic, and was looking for 16-17 year olds. After hearing enough, he ran home, eager to start training.

Weapon: His family’s steel combat knife, passed down to him when he became a courier. A combat knife is deadly, quick, durable, and concealable. What more could you ask of it?

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Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: 5’ 10"
Class: Commoner
Origin: Jannis
Backstory: A man from Jannis who has experienced many hardships. Burdened by his misfortunes, he comes to the Academy in hopes of furthering his experience and connections to eventually take back what was once lost.
Weapon: Orbal Shotgun

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Rhosyn Merrick

Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5’4

Class: Noble
Origin: Terrion
Backstory: A stone-faced girl who has experienced far more than your everyday citizen.
Weapon: Two long sharp sabers