Academy: RE:VAMP (Interest Check)

The Revamp of the Academy Roleplay!

The Empire of Adiart and the Conglomeration of Telias have been at odds with each other for the longest time. Amidst reforms in the Empire, it has taken in the State of Milias in as part of its territory, as well as annexed the Northern Villages. With the two states taken, the other nations of the world are considering check Adiart…

With rapid changes comes a period of instability.

Bring your characters into trying times, where conflict of nobles against the reforming of the empire makes situations tenser. Watch them grow and solve the web of conspiracies behind the growing power of the Empire.

What will your characters do in such trying times? Will they be the light in these trying times? Or will they fall into the darkness?

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Character Sheet Template will be released when interest hits at least 2 or 3 people.



do this you coward
shurian rps are great don’t @ me

geyde is willing to join
told me to say that for /reasons/


@Shurian you received two likes.


Drawing a pseudo-map to try to visualize the empire and stuff
Dont mind me
I should have everything up soon


Not bad for a first attempt I’ll say

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So I have some questions about the world for my character

Are tensions pretty high between the 2 states?

And has the military already weaponized magic?

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it’s the military
what do you expect

I’d expect them to, but I’d rather have a confirmation than weave something into my background that isn’t true

my character has a goal already fun fact

barely started with mine

big stompa to crush da humies

Ami thinking they have the best character.


Lera is batshit insane
i hope you all love them

I could be joking, of course.

i could go batshit insane scientist
or batshit insane ork

As in LoTR goblin?

Warhammer 40k Ork

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