Academy: RE:VAMP (Locations) (INPROG)

Locations List

Major Landmarks of Interest

Continent : Lineara

  • Zephys - Town Below Cover

  • Leeves - Eastern small town near the capital.

    • Sias’s Branch Academy - Where you’ll be going.
  • Northern Jannis- Annexed Borders

  • Millias City- Border City.

  • Adiart Kingdom - Central Castle of the Grands, symbol of power.

    • Thashopolis - The Northeastern city of technology.
      • Lavis Mines - A Mine full of resources, pumping out raw materials needed for the advancement of the land.
      • Contrast Building - The tallest building in the city. Houses the main offices for the Contrast organisation.
      • Factories of Contrast - Refining raw materials from the mines and manufacturing weapons of varying intensities.
      • Falch’s Keep - A renowned store in the middle of the path from Lavis Mines to Thashopolis.
    • Terrion - The biggest City in Adiart.
      • Castle Argus - Palace of the Royals.
      • Adiart’s Plaza - A Plaza that encompasses the entrance to the Palace.
      • Vaenqueer’s Clothing Flagship Store - The flagship store of one of the highest clothesmaker companies.
      • Residential Areas - With different areas (streets) for the nobles and the commoners.
    • Finera - A small and quiet town located to the west of the nation.
      • Sias’ Military Academy - Main Academy of Enrollment.
    • Tempor - A fishing port south of the nation. Often shrouded in mist from the ocean.
    • Liberl Hub - A busy marketplace where merchants come to gather. The marketplace is a tourist attraction beholden to all.
    • Garrelia Fortress - A Military Base, said to be the largest in the world. It is stated at the eastern border of the nation, protecting the nation from Telias.
    • Fallair - A small town in the east that produces the country’s food stock.
  • Southern Renderers.

    • Agravain Highlands - Vast plains that stretch over the south. Home to the founders of the two nations. Considered as ancestral land. The steeds there are considered the finest in the continent. Wandering Nomads live in these parts, living each day in a humble manner.
  • Westlands- The Crystal Lands.

  • Eastlands- The Conglomeration of Telias

    • Telias - A land owned by numerous lords banding together to form the land of Telias.

(Four more towns have not been named yet. Most of them reside in the Western part of the Empire. PM me if you have appropriate names for them :D)

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