Academy RE:VAMP (Main Thread)


It is said the Crown Prince of Adiart will be attending Sias’ Military Academy this year. The school is currently being renovated to accommodate the Crown Prince’s arrival. A new Branch Campus is also slated to finish in this period, giving the Sias’ name of Education places for three more classes.

Do Not Post until Shurian has finished compiling the 4th Character Sheet for Class VII.

All Letters of Enrollment have been sent. The Dormitory in Leeves will be open for the next 3 days before the academic year commences.

All Students will report to Instructor Herschel in the Branch Dormitory to take attendance and to gain access to their respective dormitory rooms.

Battle orbments, uniforms and Quartz will be loaned during the orientation exercise. Receiving them indicates that you are a member of the Branch Academy, and you will be expected to act accordingly.



A quiet and tranquil town. A small assortment of shops adorn its town centre, and the new campus can be seen the moment you step out of the campus.

Available Places to visit

  • Leeves Station
  • Banner’s Inn
  • Linda’s Bakery
  • Neinvaille Exchange
  • Leeves Chapel
  • Arnold’s Botique
  • Great Eastern Store and Goods
  • Mayor’s House
  • Sias’ Branch Academy
  • Branch Academy Dormitory
  • Radio Finera Branch
  • Eastern Highway (Leads to Terrion)
  • Western Roads (Leads to Lendoria Highlands)

Once the Roleplay starts, all interested parties will be pushed backwards, and can only make guest appearances with their characters until an opportunity arises.

About 51 hours before the Academic Year Starts.



It seems that a few students have arrived. The town is slightly more busy than usual.

Al hopped off their ride here and began stretching their legs, it was a rather long trip from there to here and despite the large down time it was great to be able to stretch her legs.

She checked her satchel to ensure everything was in order before setting off towards the chapel.

Leeves Chapel

A place for prayer, to our Goddess Aidios. Since today is Saturday, there isn’t really anyone besides the Father and Sister of this Church.

Al chooses to sit in one of the pews, closing her eyes, seemingly mumbling a prayer.

She finishes up with her prayer and then exits. Sighing, here comes the moment she’s been dreading.

She heads towards the dorms, hoping it’s relatively empty.

Branch Academy Dormitory


You walk in. You see a big common space, with a young lady sorting out 3 boxes by the common table, enough to seat 8… There are more rooms on the left and right, as well as a staircase leading up, but you should talk to the young lady first. After all, she is wearing a white suit, along with a white commander’s cap. A tag on her chest reads: “Herschel”.
(Note: This young lady is a mere 154cm tall.)

Al approaches the desk and clears her throat
“This is where students check in, ain’t it?”

If her voice had an accent comparable to our world’s it would lean heavily towards Irish.

Uriah had arrived via Leeves station, looking around cautiously as he left the station. There was a sword strapped to his back, and he was apparently alone. Refusing to make eye contact with strangers, he hurried along the path. Reaching into his pocket, he drew out a map of the area, and was heading towards the Branch Academy Dormitory, when he was distracted by the bakery. Reaching into his pocket, he drew out a handful of coins, and entered.


“Ah! Yes!” The young lady looked up, studying the features of the student who came in.
“You must be the one that Alisa was talking about! Umm, let’s see… (real name), right?”
She starts rummaging through the boxes… and holds up a small device (Think Flip Phone), 2 pairs of green uniform (tailored exclusively by Shurian’s Outfittings) and a black notebook.

“These are yours!”

Important Note: Wireless Communications have not been established properly yet in this universe.


Linda’s Bakery

The smell of baking bread is filling the air, making you hungry. Pastries adorn the counter and the counter lady notes Uriah coming in.

“Hello! Fancy yourself a bite on our freshly baked strawberry tarts?”

A young man, along with a girl with green uniform is sitting by on one of the left tables, chatting.

“Quite.” Uriah closed the door behind him, taking a few steps to the counter. “Strawberry tarts, you say?”

“Do call me Al.” She seems a bit agitated by the fact she used her real name
“Now couldya explain what I need these items for in as much detail as possible.”

Linda’s Bakery

“Oh, you’ll love them,” The lady smiles, bringing out some piping hot tarts from the counter. “C’'mon, try it!”

Juicy, melted strawberry puree melted into a gel that sits in the centre of the tart, with a small crunch that melts in your mouth…


“Alright, the uniforms are self-explanatory, and this thing right here is known as a Battle Orbment, though it has a few extra features put into it, which the instructors will be going through during the orientation exercise. And lastly, the notebooks are currently empty, but we will be giving you the rest of the notebook during the orientation exercise as well.”

“It sounds really weird, but, us Instructors don’t have the full details as well. You’ll have to wait until the Entrance Ceremony to get more information.”

Important Note: You do not know which classes you’ll be going into yet. And yes, the Instructors do not have full information on what they are going to do.

“Sure,” Uriah said cheerfully, counting out the coins in his hand. “What’s the price?”

She sighs
“I know what battle orbaments are, I hope Alisa told you at least a little about me.” She chuckles as she takes the smaller items first and places them in her satchel “Not exactly an idiot…”

“Just a mere 50 mira for a box of 4! Student’s Special!”

The counter lady (Linda, of course) smiles.

“She told me a little. Anyhow, enjoy your stay before the academic year starts! If there’s anything you need, don’t be afraid to ask!”

That’s the first student to not ask “Are you really an Instructor?” based off her young looks.

Uriah smiled, passing over the coins. “Have a nice day,” he said.

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(Assuming everything went well)
Armed with his box of strawberry tarts, Uriah went back outside onto the street, using his map to lead him to the dormitories.

Branch Campus Dormitory

You will be sharing your rooms with 1 to 2 other students of the same gender in the same dormitory.

Student Dormitories + a Common Room are based on the second floor, the third floor is unused and the fourth is used for School Faculty and Staff.
The first floor includes the dining hall, a common table, a storeroom that can act as a training hall, as well as baths and toilets.

A young Instructor was busy with three boxes, and a piece of paper with some ticks over checkboxes below pictures of some kids.

(Treat this as a different time from Ami’s check-in)