Ace Attorney Forum Mafia - Town Victory!

Awww someones feelings hurt cuz they about to get insta-killed?

nah cuz I can still win when dead, but when you get viged or hung you cant

we’ll be in jail together but ill at least be invested in the game

so do it u hoe

Lol no boi

I think u salty about this

das what I thought.

also if you are a neutral invest why can you kill people :thinking:

Cuz im the assistant judge u nub

you know what fuck it you’re probably trolling

/vote Celeste imma keep hanging you D1 if you want to purposefully troll everygame. Not gonna stop.

Since you hard claimed that much can you tell us your exact abilities ?

Lololol 2 ez

I’m my favorite class :wink:

a trolling Celeste is usually a town Celeste though

if Celeste is scum, she’d be trying too hard to look town

or maybe she’s tricking us

Livicus call me the RNGoddess :wink:

I don’t see your abilities there :thinking:

A trolling Celeste is also a shitty player and going to hurt town either way. I’m not letting her get away with purposefully throwing every game. I’m surprised she isn’t blacklisted yet.

you claimed a Neut Investigative

I would imagine it to be townsided

and now you claim RNGoddess?

Didn’t she say she’s Neutral?.. Oh wait, we’re dealing with Celeste here

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