Addressing the Cult/Unseen chat window

There is a window of time where after your action is processed you can quickly say what happened to you on that night or what your results were.
For example, a Seeker can say “12 is Offensive”, or MM can say “conv immune”

I know that the devs already know about this, but I just wanted to bring it back into the public eye

If you are on an old/slow computer, you cannot make use of this small window of time because the screen fades to black right after your action is processed and you might actually end up saying “convert immune” in the day chat (if the computer is super slow, happened to me once on my old laptop)

The window of time between your action being processed and the night actually ending should be increased by say, 5 seconds.

This would allow easier communication between cult/unseen members, and also make it easier for people with old and slow computers to communicate with their team members.

not to mention, it would give a little bit more time for people to write their logs since they may spend a few seconds noting down their action as the day is starting

I think an overall better quality of life change wouldn’t be to extend the chat but to instead just display feedback of all Unseen/Cult to the chat
Rather than just the individuals doing the action