Alchemist Rework!

Neutral Special

-The Alchemist is a “Special” class that belongs to the neutral subfaction.
-Must know what it actually desire to be by brewing the “Destiny potion” in order to win.
-Needs some ingredients to brew this potion and only 4 random player (except the alchemist itself) has them.
-Alchemist can find these materials by visiting players with “Look For” ability or by some alternative ways.

there are 4 materials needed to brew the Destiny potion :
1- Nightshade leaves
2- Oracle’s tear
3- Magic Dust
4- Dark Pearl

Passive abilities :

    -Coagulate: Immune to bleeding.
    -Sneaky: Your ability feedbacks dont appear to Noble's "Gossip" and Aristocrat's "Intrigue".

Day abilities :

    -Stoneskin Potion: Drink a potion that makes you death immune tonight.(3 uses)

Night Abilities :

    -Cauldron: can be used to brew the Destiny potion when all materials are gained (passive until you get all 4 materials. Becomes to "Destiny Potion" ability once used.)
    -Destiny Potion: Drink this potion to know who you actually wish to side with. (1 uses)
    -Look For: can be used to check players if they have the main materials for the Destiny potion. If your target has a main material/materials you will gain it/them. (infinite uses)

Class attributes :
-the players who have the materials are unaware that they have one of the materials at the
beginning of the game. (they cant spawn having 2 or more materials)
-Alchemists can not spawn with any of that materials at the beginning.
-if one of these players gets killed at night the attacker will gain that material/materials and
WILL KNOW they have gained that material and so existence of the alchemist.
-if one of these players gets executed of treason the first voter will get the material/materials and
WILL NOT KNOW they have gained that material.
-Alchemist will know when they gain a material no matter how they gain it.
-A player can have the 4 materials at the same time
-if you choose to EVIL SIDE you have to see the Blue Dragon lose the game or win with only
-if you choose to GOOD SIDE you have to see the evils lose the game or win with only
-if you dont drink Destiny potion before the game ends you lose.
-if crowned before drinking the Destiny Potion you will become the Neutral King.
-if crowned after selecting the EVIL SIDE you will become the Spiteful King /Chaotic King etc.
-if crowned after selecting the GOOD SIDE you will become the Good King.
-Can not use its abilities once using the “Destiny Potion” ability.

Win Condition : Drink the Destiny Potion and make your side win the game.


Q - What is “GOOD SIDE” and “EVIL SIDE”?
A - Blue Dragon and some of the neutrals (Fool, Inquisitor, Scorned and the Mercenary) are in Good Side. The Evil faction that is on present and the Neutrals (all) are in the Evil Side.

Q - I didn’t get how the material mechanic works.
A - At the Beginning of the Game 4 random player (except the alchemist/alchemists) spawns with ONLY one of the materials that i have mentioned above. Alchemists need to find these objects by using the “Look For” ability. When you use that ability on someone you visit them and check if they have any of the materials needed for the Destiny Potion. If the target player has at least one of them you will gain it.

Q - But you said players could only have one material. How could a player have the 4 of the materials at the same time?
A - the players who spawn with a material are the original owners of a material. And this players can not spawn with more than ONE materials ONLY at the beginning of the game. For example: you are Killer type of a class and you have a material if you kill an another player that has a material you will gain it and will have 2 materials and also you will be notified that you gained a material. If you are the first voter of an executed player that has a material you also gain it and have 2 materials at the same time!.

Q - Can I use my Destiny Potion whenever i want?
A - Yes!

Q - What if Reaper reaps someone that has a material and that reaped player gets executed of treason the next day? Who gets the material?
A - The Reaper.

Q - What if Possessor Possesses a player that has a material? Who gets the material?
A - the Possessor. After gaining the material, Possessor keeps it until he dies no matter how many times he switches bodies.

Q - What if Hunter’s retribution kills a player that have a material already? Who gets the material?
A - The player who voted the Hunter first. Hunter kills the owner > Hunter is the new owner > but he gets executed by the first voter > first voter is the new owner.

Q - What happens if there are 2 alchemists in the game? they share the materials with each other?
A - No. Think it as they need different Objects.
Alchemist (a): needs to obtain the X(a) Y(a) Z(a) T(a) materials.
Alchemist (b): needs to obtain the X(b) Y(b) Z(b)T(b) materials.
l mean both of the alchemist have different objects to gain. Yes i know there will be two Nightshade leaves needed for both alchemists but the alchemist(a) needs Nightshade leaves(a) and the Alchemist(b) needs Nightshade leaves(b). For example: A player have the Magic Dust(b). If the alchemist(a) checks this player the alchemist(a) will not find any material that is needed for it.

Q - What if 2 players kill an owner at the same night? Who will get the material?
A - Randomly chosen between them. If 3 or more player attacked an owner then the material would be randomly given to one of the attackers.

We can discuss the abilities and the amount of uses of them. And I am not sure if the first voter should really know when they gain a material or not and the “Sneaky” passive. I want to know what you think!

(Edited some things to make it fit the lore more.)

I’m confused lol halp


LOL sorry i did my best get your confusions gone. What confused your mind exactly?

So is this class luck-based?

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its like sheriff and paladin trying to find the Cultseen. but not always because if a player know they have a material they can help alchemist to get them on their side. Or alchemist can get the needed objects by first voting someone. I mean there are alternative ways of getting them not only with the “Look For”. But yes it is mostly luck based. And these kinds of ways increases your chance to get a material. An you probably get all the materials before the game ends i believe.

What if the alchemist is occupied the night they attempt to use Destiny Potion?

they will be prevented from using their ability that night.

you use destiny potion > a window opens (like disguise,facelift,defile panel but not for selecting a class.) so you can choose your side > you select a side > you get occupied that night > it fails. If you want to choose a side you need to drink it again the next night.

I think the concept of a “Choose your side at the beginning of the game” “Special” class is good for a new class.