All-Points Bulletin


Immediately report any and all information on the whereabouts or activities of the following suspects:

The suspects are believed to be highly dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstances.

Thank you for your cooperation in bringing these no-good criminals to justice.


:eyes: Should I run?

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Arete is in Chicago

changes into Teleology disguise

hello yes I hear you’re looking for Arete, might I inquire as to what conspiracy they’ve been part of?

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Okay but actually let’s talk about titles guys.

Because personally I’m a big fan of making titles something you have to earn, like we used to do, and although it would certainly suck to take away 10 of them that were given out, I think if we want to be able to continue to offer them as rewards for doing something big for this community it only makes sense to return to granting titles only as awards rather than by request.

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I think it’s worth having a conversation about.


Oh don’t worry, I’m planning on buying one for Christmas anyway.

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also if I missed anyone who requested a title or accidentially included someone who earned one, sorry

It’s meant as a joke so I didn’t exactly do a ton of research and my memory may be flawed :man_shrugging:

Ah yes

The good old “support community via money” approach :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay I know this is bad timing but I need to sleep

Therefore I’m going to be responsible and sleep, rather than discuss titles


How is it bad timing do what you need to lel

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you’ll never take me alive sucker


Heh heh heh. When we stand together, nothing can knock us done, because we’re Stronger than You!


us rn


Maybe Solic?

sans looks like a family guy character here

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True. There’s a Chara one I like more though.
Hold on, i’ll link you.

Chara response:

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Katze, ya should watch Glitchtale.

wait how did a skeleton just bleed

this video sucks

what that