Alternate Account Applications (BETA)

this is going to be a hard rule to keep up

You can’t have spaces in your forum name right

Yeah adding to the OP

why arent ou sleeping

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I simply think Im just gonna be like hey just tell me idc if u do it

I don’t know what you’re talking about

can alternate accounts be hydras? :^)


Are these alts only for playing in games

Updated hosting information. Hosts can require alts to tell them their identity - but only if specified in the game’s OP

also uh

if mods have to approve of alts

wouldn’t said mods playing in games with said alts be a bit of a :eyes:

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eh now i gotta update the op

That was exactly my thought.
Moderators will have an advantage in that regard.

However I thought they’d just go and say “It’s under angleshooting”

Or well it’s actually using OGI
So it’s going to be illegal to use it publically as an advantage
Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to mechanical advantage

yeah but if i know DybuDabu420 is an alt of Marshal then i can’t just pretend i don’t know that while playing with them, even if i never disclose it publicly

it influences how i’d play

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while obviously that’s somewhat a problem, we’re doing our best to mitigate it by e.g. not allowing discussion of alts (so a mod can’t say ‘I know that Liddell is actually an Alice alt, we shouldn’t towncore them even though they just got a wolf lynched’ or ‘I know whose alt Liddel is, we shouldn’t towncore them even though they just got a wolf lynched’)

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This is the case with every instance of angleshooting
Which is what I said before
And why it’s a bad rule in at least 60% of cases


regardless subconscious angleshooting is inevitable so it’s still a problem IMHO

I said this at Sept '19
I offered that we replace Angleshooting with Outside of Game Influence
People didn’t want it

well we’re not going to ban mods from playing FM

it’s up to individual users whether they consider the upsides of alts to outweigh the possibility of a mod knowing their identity

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