Alternate Account Applications

Alternate accounts are expected to follow the same Global Rules as well as Forum Game Rules as all other players.

In order to have an alt account, you must fill out the following application and send it to a single Moderator - this Moderator will be specified once a game passes review, and can be found in the Queue Thread under “Alt Mod.” After completing your application, this Moderator will PM you (likely) within 1-3 days, either accepting or denying your request.

Please make sure the application has an appropriate title (ex. ‘Alt Account Application’), as well as the following questions filled out completely.

  1. What is your primary account’s username?

  2. What is the username you are requesting for your alt account?

  3. What is your reason for requesting an alt?

  4. Do you understand that breaking the Global/Forum rules while on this account can lead to punishments on your main account, as well as a possible blacklist from creating alts?

Do not create an alt account without confirmation that your application was accepted.

Hosting Information:

Hosts may specify whether or not their game will allow alternate accounts and/or require alts to tell the host identity. If alts are not allowed, Moderators will regularly check and make sure that the playerlist contains none.

If a host does not specify whether or not alts are allowed, it is assumed that they are not.

That’s it!

Please try to keep this thread related to the topic. If you have questions, feel free to ask below!

Beta Test Note

This may or may not work: If automod freaks out, the program may be dropped and alts wiped


We can actually have anonymous FMs.
@katze get in here.


Im ready

oh shit its fucking happening

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Well Datbird2 got denied


is it possible to request alt accounts in bulk

eg. for an anonymous game



I don’t actually have confirmation on this yet. I’m assuming yes, but you have to go through the same process

sadly Arete2 is taken already


fuck I was gonna do marshal 2

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I wanna hold’em like they do in Texas, please?

A note:

Please do not speculate in-game on whether a specific account is an alt of a given player (since that defeats the point of alts)



Also like alts have to be disclosed to like hosts right?


its on the OP berdo

They do not. Some players may be trying to avoid certain hosts, even though they are interested in the setup

But hosts can specify whether or not alts are allowed in their game

Wow, I’ve chosen a name that’s not related to me at all.

I honestly dont like it not be disclosed, I get the reason but like it caused problems in the past. I would rather people just be straight up to me about it

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IIRC we decided that hosts could require that anyone who wants to join on an alt disclose their alt-i-ness (but that that’s not required by default)


the point of alts is so they’re treated as distinct users
if you don’t like that, then ban them in your games. simple