An alternative to Ranked

can we allow players to opt-in to publicly share how often they win with their classes? would be a poor-man’s ranked

Feel free to share them? Sure

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but it feels more competitive if it’s official so you know people aren’t fudging numbers lol

does anyone want to go first? I don’t want to be first

@Arete has a 40% NK winrate and I think that’s really all we need to say on this topic

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I have a really low fool rate.
So hard to get yourself executed >.>

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My overall winrate is 54.9 which really isn’t that far above average

I think Fool is so hard because everyone thinks there’s a certain way to play it. My fool rate is high only because I play exactly the opposite way of how you should (or are expected) to play it.

How do you do it honestly. I think my NK is 0%.

Don’t claim Knight/Hunter


Sound advice.

I think my closest game to an NK win was claiming princess and making two correct guesses as reaper. Forgot how but lost the game, I think something about icy touch out of uses

NK wins arent that hard, you just need patience, try to neither decimate cultseen nor BD too much, get the Prince out and any offensive classes which can damage you, and have a not too suspicious claim.
As reaper try to get as many Souls as possible, so you can chill to a guaranteed win.
As poss, just jump if you are too sus. Your plan is to get in the final 3, since you can win in a 2f1 (beware MM and 1v1 situations against King)
As sorc, place so many bombs as possible, kill the starting king, and blow everyone but the neuts up, to skip endgame completely

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Shush :stuck_out_tongue:

Total gold earned: 313442
Total played games: 3280
Wins: 1609 | Losses: 1671 | Winrate of 49.1%
Converted: 368 | Converted in 11.2% of all games

Class Wins Losses Winrate
Starting King 98 103 48%
Prince 125 89 58%
Princess 31 37 45%
Paladin 51 38 57%
Court Wizard 107 65 62%
Knight 70 77 47%
Observer 35 36 49%
Butler 65 71 47%
Noble 55 52 51%
Physician 130 92 58%
Sheriff 95 90 51%
Mystic 70 50 58%
Hunter 80 56 58%
Drunk 63 42 60%
Chronomancer 57 56 50%
Maid 30 21 58%
Fool 22 26 45%
Alchemist 68 57 54%
Mercenary 29 49 37%
Sellsword 29 24 54%
Scorned 15 36 29%
Inquisitor 27 18 60%
Pretender 17 33 34%
Cult Leader 33 36 47%
Starting second cult 32 46 41%
Mastermind 57 87 39%
Assassin 49 84 36%
Possessor 13 52 20%
Reaper 14 69 16%
Sorcerer 12 43 21%

Some facts: my strongest NK is Sorc.
My strongest Class overall is Court Wizard
I am always playing with golden armor + judge title so Im often getting targetted, by invests, by killers, but also by healers. My winrate would be probs higher without that.
Im dcing a lot, which doesnt help my winrate either.


Where can you pull this from?

GDPR stuff I would assume, under account

I tried it but for whatever reason it only has stats for a measly 16 games on hand

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Like it tells me how many I’ve actually played

But the per-class breakdown only adds up to 16

The per-class breakdown was added later IIRC, so if you’re a newbie like me it’ll have all your games but if you’re not then it’ll only meaningfully have less-detailed statistics

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Yes gdpr.
Does only work for games in the last two years or so I think, orange’s other matches were just too old.

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Makes sense

College classes and then Solar Car in particular tanked my ability to play anything over the past year and a half or so

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