An Empty World [Automatic Regeneration...]

Hmm… I know people want to roleplay and all…

But the world is empty.
You cant do anything if there’s nothing in the place to actually talk about, right?

So let’s introduce something!

And… hey, while you guys can introduce characters, worlds and all… make sure that they aren’t dimensions apart. I’ll have to work to link them together!

Don’t be too hard on me, okay?

I have many ideas.
But I know you have more.

This is your world.
Build upon it.
Break logic… or adhere to it.
Go forth and bloom…

My beauti-.

W-what is that?
That looks disgusting!
What even is that?
There’s Americans fighting Canadians in one corner, and a magical bus filled with a hundred people, keeping them like guinea pigs… and they’re being invaded… and minecrafters… on a single diamond oh my-

And there are… fortniters… and wh-

No no no! It’s all wrong!

The world has been destroyed.
Creating new empty world.

Dedicated Deity: Shurian.

Created World Files.
Created People Files.
Created Relationship Files.
Created Magic Files.


Filling New World.

Well… let’s just say I’m saving everyone from a deformed gremlin of a world…

Besides, that teardrop planet doesn’t sound too bad. Thank you @GGhana.

“Well… There’s the wor- Oh, you can’t see the world? Oh, I swore I changed the privacy settings on this… Tell you what, you can always check back later! Technology doesn’t like me one bit…”

(Insert Ideas Below)

I wonder… There’s a simple trick.


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forum broke

alright so theres this planet

its called joycat

shaped like a yuge joycat

the tears are pure freshwater, and they cause precipitation.

the atmosphere is breathable

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Ooh… that’s something…

Well… I’ll edit during breakfast

Ok so there’s a human…and that’s it.

And that human does things.

There’s a world with only one human…


It has a gun

And I add 99 more humans with guns. They all live in a bus floating in the sky

I’m out of ideas someone go figure something else out

so this planet joycat tries to invade the inhabitants of the battle bus

2000 joycats against 100 fortnite playing 12 year olds

whom win


you see the problem here is i don’t particularly care for worldbuilding because i suck at it

Ok so in this world, everyone plays card games the end

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All 100 people who live on it worship a single Minecraft diamond block and make this 100-man gun battle to decide which of them is most worthy of getting it.

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So they’re americans


Americans versus Canadians.

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Oh no it’s going political