Angleshooting in Forum Games

I don’t know why ‘Angleshooting’ is not allowed.
Are we just supposed to completely ignore the fact that reason to suspect people exist?
I’m still going to suspect that person if I magically get bled as they come on. Scum has LOTS of utility to counter this (Prequeue, timing bleed, not coming on and then bleeding then going)

It’s extremely stupid and I have no idea why it exists.
As far as I am aware Angleshooting is using someone’s life to your advantage.
A prime example of this is when Priestess decided to hammer before I managed to jail whilst I was going to an appointment in my city centre.

This is classed by angleshooting if the definition above is true. This should not be against the rules. It’s called strategy.
We also managed to take advantage of people’s lives in RRM where we would have basically lost if we didn’t have Centuries hung. That is called strategy. It should not be against the rules.

If Cult Leader bleeds someone right as someone comes on then why are we not allowed to at least bring it up? They can easily make the argument that Cult waited for them to come on or it was prequeued. They could also say that it would be too obvious ect.

Why are we not allowed to mention that if the host is offline that they may have still been bled. What if hammer is reached? We can’t ask to be healed. Ridiculous. Again, another thing scum can manipulate that town can’t counteract thanks to Angleshooting rule.

Point being: why are we being forced to pretend like something doesn’t exist when it clearly does and we can’t prevent that from happening?
We will always keep the suspicions to ourselves as town which makes us suspected if we can’t even give a reason.


Angelshooting generally makes it so it’s unfun for scum to play as they can easily be caught.

I was semi-angleshot as scum by frost in FoL22, why what he did was techically not angleshooting it was borderline. He had a killer/offensive result on me so he had good reason to suspect the bleed came from me.

Angleshooting is a much larger umbrella than this specific example.

yep, just the first example that came to mind for me

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someone once angleshot someone as scum as thanks to the “last message posted” feature, they posted in scumchat and it showed on their profile in the “time since last message posted” therefore people came to the conclusion that the person that got angleshot was scum, would that be fun for literally any party?


That should be classified as OGI as it’s using a feature outside of the game to determine when someone was scum.
That should not be classified as Angleshooting.
Using the feature that is inside of the game (timestamps) should not be considered outside of the game.
Merge the stuff that Angleshooting is supposed to cover with OGI (such as using timestamps outside of the game) to get rid of the rubbish that it’s removing from gameplay.

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I’m not a fan at all of the “Angleshooting” rule, it’s too less defined.
I’d define it as “using information from the forum, but from outside the thread”
Timestamps from inside the thread are fine to use.


Btw. you can ask a host to proceed your day ability on a specific time


I don’t know why it isn’t just merged with OGI (I’m assuming that’s what it’s called here?)
Bleed times ect. are able to be manipulated by both sides. They are a factor of gameplay. As is taking advantage of times.

This is unavoidable as it’s a forum feature. I agree that should not be allowed however I have no idea why it’s banned under angleshooting and not OGI. It’s OGI (Outside of Game Influence) as it abuses a forum mechanic that is outside of the game.

Exactly. There are literally multiple methods of decieving town with bleed times and things that revolve around time yet it’s still banned because it’s deemed ‘unfair’ when it’s perfectly able to be a thing.
Zero clue why it’s banned at all. Especially when it’s going to happen either way you just can’t talk about it.

Banning this makes town feel like they’re playing a Seer all the time.
They have to hide the reason why they suspect somebody.
It’s absurd.

In fact I asked multiple times for what angleshooting actually is, and I didn’t get a clear answer, other than “stuff which is against the spirit of the game”
which is basically “if the host doesn’t like you, he can punish you for angleshooting”


That you shouldn’t use meta info from the forums inside your game should be pretty clear. Also that you shouldn’t share infos outside of the game. But other than that… the angleshooting rule was unclear on purpose, and that’s what a rule never should be.

wait, so your saying OGI and angleshooting should be merged?

yet here you’re complaining when angleshooting is used to define OGI

like, what??

i dont actually have much of an opinion on the topic i just was confused by this and wanted to point it out

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sorry what is OGI?

out of game infomation

let me quick use an org analogy

Having an Alt in spec lounge is universally banned as you are getting infomation you normally shouldn’t have. Thats basically what OGI is, getting infomation from things that arent legal in the game

What is a spec lounge

spectator lounge, basically people watching the people play the ORG

Outside of Game Influence.
Using tools outside of the game that influence the game’s outcome. Ect. messaging people answers, threatening to report them. Basically any tool that may be used to influence the game.

I’m saying that Angleshooting is instead used to define some situations where things should be banned (such as Kai’s example) when it should be classified as OGI but it isn’t. However Angleshooting also bans completely viable things which is why they should be merged whilst removing the fact that Angleshooting stops people using strategy.

what is a ORG

reeee I don’t speak fm, pls speak english

online reality game