Announcement: Updated Policy on Replacements

While we understand that of course it is important that people be able to replace out of games in emergency circumstances, we have noticed a recent update in replacements that are either not emergency circumstances or strategic in nature. As such, we are updating our policy on replacements. Note that we may make changes, either major or minor, if this policy is failing to achieve our goals.

The calendar year will be divided into six two-month periods: January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, and November/December. In each two month period, all players get one “free” replacement, which they may use at any time, without needing to provide a reason. (Strategic replacements are still against the rules.) If they replace out again in that two-month period, this will by default result in a two-month signups ban effective from the date of the second replacement.

In the event that the player has a valid and unforeseeable justification for both replacements, they may appeal to a forum mod (preferentially @Arete, who will be tracking replacements) to get the sign-up blacklist waived.

Repeated and pervasive instances of replacing out may result in longer blacklists at the discretion of the moderation team.

Replacing out in a game played on an alt should be reported to Arete after the conclusion of the game, and will be handled as if they had replaced out on their main account. We ask that people who will have earned themself a temporary blacklist on the conclusion of a game which they replaced out of on an alt refrain from signing up for new games during the intermediate time period.

This policy is effective in all Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies games that start on or after its date of implementation.


(also you can use this thread to ask questions/complain about how this sucks/talk about how this is the greatest thing ever/etc.)

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This is greatest thing ever


this is the -



Thank god we’re getting an overhaul on some policies


Does this including randing a role you don’t like? OwO


'tis good. Thank god.

i’m sliiiightly worried that someone who has something come up/needs to replace out for mental health reasons that joins 2 games might get unfairly banned but there’s appeal so ig it’s not that bad

Oh yeah. Does this apply to simultaneous games?

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Simultaneous games would typically be handled through the appeal process (since … obviously most of the things that might force you to replace out are going to cause you to replace out of all of them)

That sounds a bit worrying
Could there be an exception for if you have to replace out of multiple games on the same time, so it only counts as one?

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Isnt that what the appeals process is for tho?

The fact that the eprson is forced to replace out of both games makes the situation probably more dire

Just as an example.
I was in two games. I fell down the stairs, and had to replace out of both of them for concussion.
I would get a blacklist immediately, because i was in 2 games, and then have to appeal for it?
That sounds unintended…

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if forced subs due to slanking apply to this rule, could we require clearer descriptions as to whether or not a game may employ them, and if they do, precisely how many hours of continuous in-game day inactivity a player needs to get prodded and forcibly replaced, respectively?

Just a simple explanation (“welp i had a concussion”) would be enough tho

Probably more beneficial to keep it stricter?

A lot of people will be having more concussions from now on, then

if you replace out of two games for no good reason then you get a blacklist even if they happen at the same time

if you had a good reason then you can appeal

we’ll probably be slightly more lenient if both happened simultaneously

Means I’d get a blacklist (appealed) forever on my record, because I fell down the stairs
Thats stupid

Forced subs due to inactivity would count towards the rule (since otherwise it would incentivise people to slank rather than replacing out)

games may employ forced subs due to inactivity as long as the activity requirements are made clear in the OP of the game

so it should be assumed that such forced inactivity subs will not be a possibility unless the game specifies precisely how many continuous in-game day hours of inactivity a player needs to get prodded and forcibly replaced, respectively, correct?