Any plans to port to web?

Just wondering since Town of Salem seemingly ported their Unity game to the web.

iirc ToS was originally on the web


I actually wouldn’t mind a web port… but like TOL has a bunch of problems right now… web port might be very low on priority list unless XBlade has some mega brain plan to utilize web port

I would wager that the decision to drop mac and linux support is an indication that there are no plans to develop a port for web anytime in the near or even distant future.

Also, Ami is correct. ToS started on the web over six years ago, and then ported to steam later.


That’s incorrect. They would love to support both systems still. We lost Win 7 support as well, but they make sure we still can play on Win 7 as long as possible.

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I was under the impression porting to web for Unity games was just clicking a button.

I’m no expert but I don’t think it’s that easy.
You need to build a website first and then figure out the server crap and other stuff

Ah yes that’s why it took ToS like four months to do


ToS took a long time to port from Flash to Unity. ToL is already in Unity … anyway I am not an expert on this just wondering :blush:

No like

The Flash to Unity port took two and a half years

The Unity to Web Unity port took another third or so