Appealing suspension


I wanted to try play again but I got a message saying that I was banned for a “dicknote” - But I did not do this, I did not play TOL for a long time. I think I played it abit after I bought it on the 16th december 2018 - fell alseep and then racked about 15 hours in play time but I never really understood what I was doing. The linked picture of the dicknote that gets shown when I login shows 5th april 2018 when it was upload on imgur LONG before I purchased the game or even played it.

imgure link shown in the report -

if you look through my account details i assure that you will see that I did not play for pretty much all of 2020 so far also.

My current steam account name is “First we eat, then we yeet”. im not sure if thats different from my ign. it maybe acraaron.

In order to appeal a suspension you will need to join our discord and message anyone with the rank í42-Moderator. You can find them in the userlist on the right hand side, towards the top.

If you aren’t sure where to look, and need help finding an online Moderator, feel free to DM me at Chloe#4965 on discord.

Currently Kape and Sailor are online and can help you out!