Are you planning on fixing the game?

Broken abilites: I had 2 games where I could not use Bleed ability as cult leader…had one game where the ability was greyed out but it should not have been…i clicked on it…and it bleed ME

One game I was a hunter…and got the you are bleeding notice as deaths and death notes and logs were being displayed after the night ended.

I have been playing for years now…this is by far the worse state the game has ever been in

It takes you MONTHS to roll out updates and patches…must be hard finding time to work when all you do is ban people (some or warranted, the majority are not and one needs look no further than these forums and the steam forums…oh wait…every single one of them are lying according to these hard working devs who patch the game irregularly)

I just bought this game for a friend and it pisses me off that just days after I convince him to give it a go this happens. I know I am setting my expectations high here, but could you look into these issues and get back to us in the next few months please.

2.5 just came out and there’s been 2 hotfixes already

I feel like that’s indicative of the developers working on fixing the bugs :upside_down_face:

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Odd…Ive seen no downloads on my client since 2.5 was re-released, the in game patch notes sometimes take weeks or months to update (fact) and I just have a hard time wrapping my head around there ability to ban a person within seconds yet cant fix their buggy ass game.

The only thing they are consistent on is dwindling their player base lol (fact)


1/21: 2.5 comes out, gets reverted due to being buggy


1/28: 2.5 comes back out (I considered this the first of two hotfixes, but I suppose it technically isn’t)
1/28: Literally 4 hours later, a hotfix for 2.5a

Because there’s significantly more people moderating the game than people developing it?

And moderation is much simpler than development?

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Moderation is done by volunteers. Read here for the details.



Yea…so when does a noble Empower…Come on people…the game is seriously unplayable with all these bugs. They pop up in every game. Like I said, been playing for years, never EVER has it been this bad. Bugs popped up here and there sure, but this is every single game something is breaking or not working as should. Seriously who opens up a free weekend to a game that is in its worst development stage…desperate broke devs thats who. Fix this shit

Uh, just to clarify – a Court Wizard attempted to Empower the target you were Gossiping, and so you saw their feedback. I know there are a few bugs right now, but this ability is actually functioning correctly.


In any case, if you encounter any bugs, you can help by filing a bug report in #bug-report-no-ping on the Discord. The devs can’t fix bugs if they don’t know about them, and even if they do know about them, it can be helpful to get additional game logs.

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Although I suppose there is something to be said for making the fact that you heard this via gossip more clear


Thanks for the idea, I’ve suggested a rewording to that effect in the QoL channel.

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I was personally thinking making gossip messages a different and unique color, but that works too.