Ask Ami Anything You Baffoons

ama you whores :blush:

Favorite guilty pleasure movie?

the room
its so bad its good

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Pineapple on pizza?

If you had to kill someone in this forum, who would they be?

there needs to be a crusade against that abomination of a thing

just so i can recite juliet’s monologue from before she stabs herself and then stab myself

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please don’t stab yourself

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Favorite accent?

if its done right i will fear for my life whilst falling in love with them

Do you listen to Despacito

angry rap fan screeching

I like JuiceWRLD

Shame he died

What’s the secret ingredient ami

the secret ingredient is not to be revealed
family secret

but for your purposes water work just fine

fine i’ll remain sober

but i will get this eventually

Its beer

Or some sort of juice maybe