Bard/Mocker (BD/Unseen support)

Loud Voice(passive): cant be silenced (this is kept on class change).
Healing word (Day): heal target players bleeding at the end of the night - 2 uses
Charm (Day): chose a player that player will not be able to vote you and one other player for trial for the rest of the day (cannot target king) - 1 use
Inspire (Night): Target player cannot be framed and bypasses frames for investigative results - uses infinite

Loud Voice(passive): cant be silenced (this is kept on class change).
Cutting word(Day): target player begin to bleed but the bleeding will be healed at the end of the night - 2 uses
Charm (Day): chose a player that player will not be able to vote you and one other player for trial for the rest of the day (cannot target king) - 1 use
Mock (night): Target player will believe they have been occupied or attempted to be occupied if immune - infinite uses

Bard just having a buff to help players bypass frames

Doesnt really seem useful to me?

I think Bard could be buffed a lot tbh

In what way?

Maybe less of a buff and more of a overhaul.

Ehhh katze is replying anyways and they are better at giving feedback then me :woman_shrugging:

super niche, kinda useless, but neat, i guess? could technically be confirmed with exactly a scorned (or assassin but they obviously won’t confirm you) but probably unlikely to be an issue

bard -> king would actually be kinda strong in endgame vs unseen though since they cant silence king to stop them from pointing in 1v1s

there was a similar suggestion to this so ill just copy paste my response to that cause im lazy and it applies mostly 1:1 anyway

makes this class basically unviable to fakeclaim as as its super confirmable

for the convert this would also be really strong prob which isnt inherently bad

i think the ability is interesting but will prob turn into noble forcevote where, despite it being strong lategame, it will be used primarily as a mechconfirm – even moreso likely here as this class doesnt have much confirmability to it outside of this ability

honestly? kinda useless

i think an ability to let people bypass frames isn’t a bad one but it being

  • the primary night ability
  • the only night ability

makes this class just boring to play (it worked on old CW because old CW empower had like 8 effects)

and it cant really be fakeclaimed well because of Charm existing

i don’t dislike this

would invests still get results, since its a fake occ?

overall this class feels like it’d be really boring

the night ability is absurdly boring to use and useless in a large portion of games (frames are not that common, especially in unseen games)

the day ability to heal bleeds has no counterplay to it and the other day ability is likely to turn out to be a mechconfirm magnet (might end up being like mystic where it just tries to get kinged, especially in unseen games where the “cannot be silenced” passive is actually good)

needs some work imo

psh, other people have different opinions and having different opinions be heard is good for feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

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oh i guess this might beat out reaper chill?

which could be interesting but the counterplay is to just… not silence the bard, in current meta this would never really be a clutch passive to have since openclaims :joy_cat:

well tbh I’m expecting open claims to end when people realize that whisper meta can be a thing again

But I do see the point about inspire and that will likely be added with another night ability and/or changed completely.

i expected it to be less prevalent but so far it hasn’t seemed to slow down

Doubt it, claim train is much more effective than WKM

Maybe change Charm to this.
Charm (night): Target player will be forced to target you if they attack you the attack will instead be prevented (you will not be notified the attack is prevented - * 3 uses*

can we get an f for scorned

if its an unseen game without a scorned(which are both requirements met often) this will often not see a use
I dont think its too theoretical that this would spawn in a game with only fool as framer or somethin and consistently be nigh impossible to use
and also it makes scorned a real pain since even if you get your frames right it might just hippity hippoity say no

also im not sure how much it matters but this’ toolkit is all over the place(healing, vote manip and anti-frame)

also what kat said about confirmability

this class feels like a mix of ideas made it into a class but I dont think this would be fun to play as
change as you want(your the designer) but id probably try and circumvent the confirmability and make a more effective night ability

Clearly we just allow Inspire to bypass all Tailors including in the shadows

So does the bard convert to a ritualist or what?

Yeah, all ToL BD support classes do. Though imo, this should be social.