BASTARD SWORD - Interest Check

Title. I’m making a thread here so I’d get feedback on what people want/do not want in the upcoming bastard game as I want to make it a fun bastard game rather than one where everyone just pulls their hair out trying to understand what’s happening.

I’m still refining the game, so I’d like some feedback. From the get-go here are some of the things I’m gonna do.

  • No conversions. Should be obvious, but people in general just dislike conversions and they don’t really add much to the game to compensate.
  • No multiball. Only one wolfteam should suffice. I want the game to be bastard, not annoying. Plus, literally every time that a multiball game gets hosted on this site one of the wolf factions just straight up doesn’t bother to play at all.
  • No lying in the OP or about role card. Being a bastard game, the host will lie from time to time. Though the OP and the role card, though not the entire private thread itself, will be free from lies.
  • Limited flip tampering. I don’t think anyone on this site would want to play a game that becomes almost flipless after CFM2.
  • Limited shitposting. Personally I feel that Geyde went overdrive when it came to shitposting in CF2. The entire goal of this game is to be a game similar to Eevee’s CFM2 or Anime uPick, not a shitpost in game form.

What’s still on the table.

  • Serial Killers, or 3p roles that are basically an entire faction by themselves. Some people dislike them, but I don’t feel like the amount of dislike they receive on this site is enough to completely rule them out. Plus, SKs on this site generally die before late-game so they don’t impact the game by much.
  • Jesters. I get that some people hate them coughIciandOrangecough, but except game-ending jesters they don’t warp the game too much unlike multiball or conversions.
  • Dead interaction. Honestly, I feel like the only reason DI is disliked on this site was because of Geyde solving Drakengard from beyond the grave with Boss’ help.
  • Lost Wolves. Like, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a FM here that used LWs, so I’m still keeping it.
  • Millers, Godfathers, Tailors, and Framers. Duh.

What’s unlikely, but still not completely off the table.

  • Survivors. Come the fuck on, you know very well that I can make more creative and fun 3p roles than this.
  • Cop sanities. Feels like a lazy way to fuck with cop checks.
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Clash of Cults the cult that Wazza/Soul was on didn’t bother to play at all.

Anime FM the cult that Ici/lendun was on was literally never posting at all.

Would be better to have an entire wolfteam, tbfh.

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…feedback on my ideas?

i think being able to kill half the scumteam (and the widely townread ones, at that) before dying is a pretty big impact

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Survivors are the most boring role to exist in FM

No thx

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  • Neutrals that both end the game when they win, causing everyone else to lose, and win without killing everyone/almost everyone. Basically, if you can be playing a game, and everything seems fine, and then suddenly randomly you lose night 5 with 10 people still alive, it’s not fun.
  • Serial Killers that aren’t bulletproof at least once or that are technically bulletproof but can trivially be strongmanned
  • jesters

On this site, most of them basically just do nothing and then get lynched d2 for doing nothing.

Like, aside from Anime FM or any game where I was SK then I don’t think that there were any games where the NK had a noticable impact on here.


Countries FM


Arctic is referencing Countries FM, in which a Serial Killer killed 4/6 of the wolves


…errr, I haven’t read that match.

Oh, then that’s actually a problem.

Alice_Alard is sadge

Still not as bad as losing to a 3p d1 with everyone alive.

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Well, SFoL64 was kind of a clusterfuck in between the pepega spam and the anonimity.

Wait, Kyo killed 4 of the 6 wolves and the wolves still won?

What the fuck.


and the 1 wolf that was killed by execute was bussed

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