Big Brother [2/14]-HIPPO WINS 6-2

Big Brother

Hosted by Ami

What is big brother?


  1. Do not fabricate challenge scores
  2. Do not receive outside help
  3. Do not discuss the game with evicted houseguests/those not playing
  4. Do not make alliances/discuss the game before the game has started
  5. If you fail to submit for a challenge/vote within 24 hours you will receive a strike. 3 strikes and you will be expelled from the Big Brother house
  6. Do not post in the main thread (ie this one)

Sign ups

To help prevent pre-gaming, dm me to sign up. The cast will be revealed when all 16 membes have signed up


Competition-Things people partcipate in to win HoH/PoV/other things
HoH-Head of House, the person who puts up 2 people for evictions if they win the HoH competition
Eviction-Where the house votes on who to send home out of the two or possibly more nominees.
PoV-Power of Veto, the person who wins this can choose to take down one of the nominees who then becomes immune. If you hold Veto, you may not be nominated unless you already were. Only 6 people, HoH, Nominees, and 3 randomly chosen people play.
Nominees-People eligible to be voted out at eviction.
Backdoor-Where a HoH does not put up their target so they have less of a chance for playing in veto
will be updated as relevant.

/in did u have to ask, unless u need a cohost :wink:


Good job Dat.

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/out something came up


Dat will be on Production (aka cohosting)


there will also be a discord for submissions/votes and house chat to make my life easier

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Casting is still looking for contestants. Come join :slight_smile:

Where are you contesstants? come join

Did I mention contestants get flame throwers. You only have like 24 hours to join and get yours

all flame throwers are just pictures of flame throwers. We dont got that type of cash


Hello is this thing on?


Two to Three more at minimum, come one come all


Ok so we hit our minimum we have 3 more slots to fully fill. Reminder to like privately message me and/or Ami


2 more slots available. Putting a 24 hour cap on joining, we will start right after that period or right away if we get two more ins.

You have until…



Ok contestants are locked, let me try to find @Ami Chen and we get this season started!

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As the assistant of Amy Chen she told me they got this, I shouldn’t have listened especially after she started adding more and more last names to her outros. Those things got to the point we ran out of time and she wasnt halfway done. If you see her lmk, if I had to guess shes prob drunk in one of the 38 janitor closets. That or raiding on some Bar Wars: Flights of the New Brewery game.

Yes Im Stalin, i mean stalling


Ok I have spotted Amy Chen we should be starting soon…

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Please join if you have signed up to play. Or if you just wanna watch

Big Brother. A game hosted and played by many different people, all of who are much better at their job than me. But no matter! I will do a bang up job as your host, Amy Chen!

Your first Head of House competition will be announced in 12 hours give or take a few minutes.