Blazing Chromes [Interest Check]

In the face of war, what can mere children do?
What were the roots of this dispute? What could they possibly understand?

In this RP (Arc…), all of you will be children of a young age in one of the Yaesen Empire’s outskirt villages, Getemy. (Age 10~13)

The Queen of Tearmoon Kingdom has been assassinated. In a fiery rage, the King has waged war on all neighbouring countries. Thousands perished, villages raided and left ablaze.

This is the birth of a vengeance of children against the flux of emotions that blur the lines between good and evil.

Magic Exists in this world, though it does take a while to cast. They are powerful… though in this first arc, you won’t be able to use it (uneducated plebians)

Combat is not a focus. Combat RP will take years to finish one battle.

Be prepared to lie and learn the ways of the world, young children. You may split through various circumstances, but you will eventually meet again.

Now, what will you do after this first arc?

Useful Info

Commoners have no last name. Nobility have their middle and last names. They also live in different areas in cities.

Each Noble house will rule over a certain piece of land. That applies for all nations.

Silver Pieces are worth 100 of Bronze Pieces. Bronze pieces are worth 100 of Copper Pieces.

Aerius is the God that foresees this land. There are shrines all over the land that worships this god. He is said to protect the land from hardships and bless the future.

Fittingly enough, some people on the forums are, in fact, 13 years old

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I forgot the basics of interest checking and what not…

Please indicate whether you’re interested by indicating with a “/in”, or any form of acknowledgement like “Sign me up!”


Eyy! I’d join!

i would be potentially interested

what would we do as one of the children in the villages? where would the plot go?

also i read that as germany for some reason lmao

I’ll only allow all of you to start from the same village XD

The Plot will most likely devolve into wartime, where the world becomes more harsh due to the economy… blah blah blah

  1. Survive (By yourself? Or with others?)
  2. Deceive or Trust (Through various situations [that I throw at you], do you trust or do you lie?)
  3. Growing your Characters [How will your characters end up as?]

Future plot lines may come into contact with you once a certain guideline has been reached.


Sounds interesting, I might join

I kinda suck at deciding what to do at times tho

this actually sounds cool. plopping a comment here in case I’m inspired to join later :slight_smile:

“I’ll give you to the count of 3 to run, okay? Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance at survival… So let’s see… 3! Ahahaha!”

Coming Soon.

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might be fun