Blood on the Forums VI: Monsta Jam (Rerolled due to integrity breach)

The Penance Day celebration was in full swing. The tavern was alive with celebration, and the drinks flowed like water.

“’Bout time we got a break from nightmarish demonic invasions!”

“My dear old grandma got emboweled by that horrid thing. I could use another drink.”

“Hang on, I’ll go find the barkeep. Amelia! Keep it flowin’, we’re—GODS!

Amelia was a bit of a legend in town, having brewed a vintage so potent it knocked out the last demon to invade. But the town’s last savior had met a fate… not unlike the other saviors, actually; in a pool of blood, with the air around noticeably heavy with dark energies.

“Check, please!” The townsfolk all turned to see none other than the infamous specter of Tangeld sitting at a booth, swirling a flute of champagne.

“No, no, no… You get out of here, you wicked wraith! This is a celebration! You only show up when—”

“When a demon murders someone? Yeah, I noticed. You really didn’t think that the minions of evil were gonna let you put your feet up and relax, did you? Nah, they were so damn determined to put this party on ice that they didn’t even bother with the full summoning ritual. They’ve just got this tiny little thing, but damn is it vicious. Ask the missing bits of Amelia’s throat. Which reminds me, Amelia, you need a drink?”

Amelia’s ghost drifted into the other side of Tan’s booth. “I’m gonna need something stronger than what you’ve got. No idea how you kept it together so well after you died.”

“You assume that I had it together to begin with. And as for the rest of you… get hunting. I’m sure a baby demon isn’t gonna give you too much trouble, right?”

Day 1 has begun! Nominations will open in twelve hours.

Character List

Chef: You start the game knowing how many instances of adjacent evil players exist.
Investigator: You start knowing that one of two players is a particular Minion.
Bounty Hunter: You start the game knowing one evil player. When the evil player you know dies, you learn another that night. [One Townsfolk is evil]
Sailor: Each day, choose a living player; either they malfunction until dusk, or you do. You cannot die. (You act on the first night as well.)
Preacher: Each night, choose a player. If you choose a Minion, they learn that the Preacher chose them (but not who you are), and they have no ability.
Cult Leader: Each night, you become the alignment of one of your living neighbors (but your character is unchanged). Once per day, you may attempt to start a cult; if all good players join your cult on the same day, your alignment wins.
Town Crier: Each night, you learn if a Minion player nominated the previous day.
Gambler: Each night (but not the first), choose a player and guess their character. If you guess wrong, you die.
Exorcist: Each night (but not the first), choose a player (you may not choose the same player two nights in a row); If you choose the Demon, they do not act tonight, but they learn who you are.
Philosopher: Once per game, at night, choose a good character; You gain their ability. If you choose a character that is already in play, that player malfunctions until you die or change character.
Soldier: You are safe from the Demon’s attacks.
Fool: The first time you would die, you do not die.
Mayor: If you are killed at night, another player might die instead. If there is no execution when only three players remain, good wins.

Drunk: You think you are a Townsfolk character, but the ability that you think you have instead malfunctions.
Barber: If you die, the Demon, in addition to their kill, may choose two players tonight; these two players swap characters. This ability may not target dead Demons.
Politician: If you were the player most responsible for your alignment losing, you change alignment and win, even if dead.
Saint: If you are executed, your alignment loses.

Spy:You might register as good and as a Townsfolk or Outsider, even if dead, and you may view the Grimoire each night.
Witch: Each night, choose a player; if that player nominates tomorrow, they die immediately (but their nomination stands). If only three players are alive, this ability does not function.
Assassin: Once per game, at night (but not the first), choose a player; they die immediately, even if they normally would not die.
Baron: There are more Outsiders in play. [+2 Outsiders]

Lil’ Monsta: Each night, the Minions choose who babysits the Lil’ Monsta; that player “is the Demon”. Each night (but not the first), a player dies. [+1 Minion]


  1. EliThePsycho
  2. Canteloupe
  3. Apprentice
  4. Gorta
  5. Intensify
  6. Marshal
  7. Marluxion
  8. PKR
  9. Nightingale
  10. Clonedcheese
  11. Pigeon (soon to be Arctic)


  1. Kat-zuh
  2. Datbird
  3. Windward
  4. Wazza

Spectators (spectator chat coming soon, just let me make this thread pretty):

  1. Shurian
  2. YoubutWorse
  3. min
  4. Pug
  5. Novali
  6. Icibalus
  7. Nerbins
  8. Arete
  9. Light


I am the cult leader

Join my cult or lloser

can we get a playerlist in op

can we also get a rolelist in op


we’re policying anyone who doesn’t join

apprentice this is the part where you also claim cult leader

I am the cult leader why do I need to claim it?

Totally NAI ping!

(I skipped the people who already posted. Damn threadwatchers…)


my soul is channeled into one word
ok im out now glgl

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time to play this intensely role-heavy setup like a vanilla

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night lock V never rescind

bully other people into joining cult /w us

tbh the mech is so fucky-wucky half the time that this a superior idea

I would join the cult but I don’t want to make an irrevocable and potentially game-ending decision in the first 5 minutes of day

on the other hand

The virgin “Sob sob my grandma died to demons I’m gonna mourn about this” vs the chad “GRANDMA DIED WOOOO LET’S DRIJK”


/Whisper Eli

Accept it plz

how does one get emboweled
asking for a friend

/accept whisper

I haven’t played with app enough to mason them

The same way one gets disemboweled. It’s like flammable and inflammable, they mean the same thing even though they really shouldn’t.

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