Board Game discussion thread v2

title. I’ve played several dozens so feel free to discuss strategy et cetera for any of your favorites

Root is p fun

Obv Catan

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Also Mafia/WW/Secret Hitler

Exploding Kittens

Catan is for low level players
we don’t have a very positive opinion of it at gt bg club

i suck at this game lol

avalon should be included in this category


Base Catan

With Seafarers and Cities and Knights it’s p good

Never touched it

yes i know

here’s a list of most games i’ve played over the past year:

Dominion + Prosperity and Intrigue expansions
Scythe + Invaders from Afar Expansion
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Dead of Winter
Race for the Galaxy
Cosmic Encounter
Gaia Project
Lords of Waterdeep
Elder Sign
Pandemic + On the Brink expansion
Power Grid
Through the Ages
Castles of Burgundy
Codenames: Pictures
Terraforming Mars + Colonies, Prelude, Venus Next, Turmoil, Promo Card, and some fan expansions
Suburbia + Suburbia Inc. expansion
Favor of the Pharaoh
Wingspan + European and fan-made Chicks expansions
Avalon + Excalibur, Lancelot, and Plot Card expansions
Spirit Island + Branch and Claw and Promo Spirit expansions
7 Wonders + Cities, Leaders, Armada, Babel, Promo Card, and Extra Wonder expansions
Great Western Trail + Rails to the North expansion
Caverna + Forgotten Folk expansion
Sagrada + 5-6 Player and Passion expansions
Dead of Winter: The Long Night + Warring Colonies Expansion and all released promo characters and crossroads cards
Two Rooms and a Boom + Necroboomicon Expansion
Blood on the Clocktower (High-quality DIY copy with all known components)
Roll for the Galaxy + Ambition and Rivalry Expansions
Battlestar Galactica + Daybreak, Pegasus, and Exodus expansions
Twilight Imperium, Fourth Edition
Catan + Seafarers Expansion
Exploding Kittens
Betrayal at a house on a hill
We haven’t playtested this at all
Cards against humanity
Secret hitler
Ultimate werewolf + various expansions and unreleased playtest characters
Cthulhu deluxe

I am the monopoly god

of course you would be the one to post that

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spell ‘Loyal Servant of Arthur’

Egyptian war is not about winning
It’s about dealing massive damage to your opponents

metagaming in that way is banned when we play avalon lol

I mean we didn’t create the secret underground Avalon group that meets the night before board game night for no reason


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to be fair outright banning that specific form of metagaming feels unproductive because you can just … spell it while being evil …

i play with two different groups, one which prefers shorter social deduction games that meets various late nights during the week, and the other which prefers longer board games that meets sunday afternoons