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It just looks boring af I never want to roll it esp when it’s purpose is finding vortox but vortox literally counters it with false info

Waiting for this thread to become forgotten and never used in about 2 weeks.


Tbf i dont like mathematician that much either

what even is math I’m not looking it up

Mostly because

Its fucking weird as shit if you go deeper into it

Did you fail elementary school

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You learn how many players’ abilities worked abnormally since dawn due to another character’s ability.


Mathematician is a wierd person that uses the word “abnormal”

Did you know that an Investigator pinging off a Recluse is seen by the mathematician?

Did you know that the Demon failing a kill on a protected person also counts?

No? Fuck you they do

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mathematician is like
I don’t think I’d ever include it in any script I run, not even as a bluff
bc I feel like people would be able to figure out I’d never put it in for real

time to make a poisoned mathemetician amnesiac

What if the Legion is chosen not to kill anyone by the Storyteller? Would that count according to mathematician ping?

I’m sure Tan has all 477 occasions of when Mathematicians are supposed to get a ping all stored in her head for no reason at all other than to explain to us right here and now


I think that’s an illegal move by the ST

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No because that’s viable for their ability

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The storyteller can decide that no one dies at night in a Legion game, which usually is the case if Innkeeper, Monk, Sailor, Soldier is one of their bluffs.

Its not because Legion says “a player might die”

I’ve had enough of mathemetician and I’ve not even rolled it


Here’s the dumbest thing I can think of for math