[BUG] Report bugs here in this category for closed Alpha+

This category (subthread) was renamed to “Bug Reports/Feedback” >> There is also now a bug reporting template:

If you are reporting feedback and not a bug, just delete the template.
(Pro Tip: CTRL+A >> DEL)

It’ll help if you put [BUG] in the subject if you want it to stand out.

Why not a seperate Bug Reports forum???

Probably because Bugs are kind of feedback-- and a bug report “suggests” fixing (I.e. A suggestion). I’d assume.

That mashes too many distinct things into one subforum though. It’ll get messy.

ehhh, here as in THIS CATEGORY! I’m locking this thread for clarity~ That’s why I changed the name to Bugs/Feedback and added a bug reporting template :wink:

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