Cannot kill as PK

What happened? Became PK, first 2 nights, I had no problem attacking. Then instead of my guard killing like they should, I got the message that my useless guards protected me instead

What was SUPPOSED to happen? They were supposed to kill that pesky hunter who was still alive

Steps to reproduce: Become PK -> Fail at managing your guards



Output log:
output_log.txt (188,3 KB)

We don’t use output_log anymore, we use Player.log (or Player-prev.log if you’ve restarted your game once since)

Either way, thank you for the screenshots :eyes:

are you 100% sure this was a bug
because you don’t die if you send guards and run into say, a bear
but hunter is still death immune when using bear

i believe it’s more of a visual bug than anything, since the first image shows “4 was immune” and the last ones show “you protected yourself”

No, I did attack into his bear once N5, it correctly said immune then.
I attacked (or attempted to attack) him a total of 4 times that game (N5 + N7 + N8 + N9) so he was definitely out of bears . If it was a visual bug, he would’ve died, but my attacks just didn’t go through.


you’re right

i missed this last part

I do not know if player-prev.log is worth anything anymore since I restarted the game mutlpile times since then but I’ll just put it here

Player-prev.log (89,6 KB)

it’s not anymore

player-prev is your logs from one restart ago

but thank you anyway

i’ll make sure the devs see this and hopefully without logs they can reproduce it