Castle Desolation - Concept


Works on a roll system similar to VLDR, with losing all health causing a player to be knocked out. If a knocked out player is attacked again, they die. The only exception here is critical hits, which will deal x2 damage and bypass the knockout stage. In addition, players can submit retaliatory actions such as fleeing, countering, or what have you.

Stats and Formulae

Stats will be from 1-100. Passing the cap is possible. Aside from the stats present in Death City, INT is also added.
A = Attacked. D = Defender.


Hit chance = 65% + 0.5%*A.PRE-0.4%*D.AGI

Critical Chance =15%+0.3%*A.LUK (Bypasses KO)

Max HP = 250+5*CON

Melee Damage = A.STR+A.WeaponATK*rand(8…12)

Ranged Damage = A.PRE+A.WeaponATK*rand(8…12)

Magic/Explosives Damage = A.INT+A.WeaponATK*rand(8…12)

Poison and Burn Damage = INT/3 per hour.


  • Each player by default begins with two private item slots and five public item slots.
  • Each player also gains a weapon slot, an armor slot, and an off-hand slot.
  • Each player has an infinite inventory where they can hold Crystals.
  • Anyone can check another player’s public slot, but the private slot, equipment slots, and crystal slots will remain hidden unless the player is knocked out.
  • A player can dual-wield if they have a passive or a crystal that allows them to. Dual wielding means that your second weapon will also attack for x0.7 of it’s normal damage. You may only dual-wield 1H melee weapons.


You’re allowed to claim. The wincons are fairly varied and some may overlap with others so it will be fairly easy to fakeclaim.


If a player is murdered, then only their murderer will learn their alignment. If a player is executed, then only the Sovereign will learn their alignment.


Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Neutral Lawful Neutral True Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Evil Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil


Lawful vs Chaos: Less effect here than in Death City. Lawful wincons were way too much of a pain to pursue as there was very little agency. Main point of the game will be the Good v. Evil conflict.

Good vs Evil: In general Good wincons deal with helping remove evils or escaping while Evil wincons deal with going against good-aligned players or preventing the progression towards the escape.

All good players will be able to win with each other, however evil wincons will clash harder than they did in Death City.

Kill Penalties

Blood Moon:

  • Once a player is murdered or other certain conditions are met, a Blood Moon will be on the sky for six hours, which will be announced in the main thread, and the Blood Moon Counter will be raised by 1.
  • If another player is murdered during a Blood Moon then the duration will refresh without raising the Blood Moon Counter.
  • Once a Blood Moon counter reaches eight, the game will end and everyone who has not escaped will die.
  • You may escape during a Blood Moon.

Bloodied vs Bloodless: Bloodied players have killed in the match, bloodless have not. This distinction matters in regards to passives and wincons.


  • The game begin with a Good-aligned Sovereign. The Sovereign can appoint up to three heirs. Once the Sovereign dies then a random heir will be chosen as the new Sovereign. Heirs may choose to decline becoming a sovereign.
  • Sovereigns can call execution votes.
  • Items called Skull Tokens exist. They can be used to give the voted player an additional vote for execution and are casted publicly.
  • Lawful players gain +1 to all stats when they are Lords.


Crystals are powerful items with strong passive abilities that can be found across the map. They are semi-rare, but they are relatively fragile and can be easily destroyed. Destroying them grants the destroyer EXP. Once every crystal in a chapter has been obtained, a new chapter will begin.

Gate of Glory

After a player’s wincon is fulfilled, they escape by going through the Gates of Glory. The Gates of Glory are activated once ten crystals are place on the slots of the Gates of Glory. Though Evils do not need the Gates of Glory to be active and can go through them as long as their win-con is satisfied and may have wincons pertaining to sabotaging the Gates of Glory as well.

  • All Good-aligned players need to go through the GoG to win and they must activate it beforehand.
  • Neutrals have wincons that do not require them to escape. They are less neutrals and more like true wild cards.
  • Some but not all Evil-aligned players need to go through the GoG to win, but they do not need to activate it beforehand. The only side requirement that evils have is that they need to destroy four crystals.l


In progress.


For the game to truly end there are two methods to happen:

A) Once there are five or less players alive who have not escaped then the game will end in twenty-four hours. If the remaining players do not finish up their wincon, they lose.

B) If an Eight Blood Moon happens, then it’s rock falls everyone dies, including evils. In short evils should avoid raising the Blood Moon Counter as well, which means taking the Blood Moon period as an opportunity to kill if they are required as per the wincon.


Is it 4 crystals for each Evil, or just combined?

I like the adjustments. :slight_smile:

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Each Evil needs to smash 4 crystals.

I kind of want less incentive for evils and goods to work together. I mean, like nobody though that Night or Geyde were threats in Death City because they claimed a fairly harmless wincon, but if I start requiring evils to be more forceful against goods then this may potentially change.

I honestly just don’t want evils to openclaim as it’s kinda silly.



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Yeah this sounds good. I agree that Good and Evil need their escape methods to more directly conflict. And since each Evil need 4, they will compete even with each other.

I’m planning on making evils far stronger to compensate, tbfh.

Like, Death City was an evil stomp as evils were not only stronger, but also collaborated better.

You forgot to mention the part where goods were killing each other.

SMH Bastard Sword when

Which is partially why I removed execution-related wincons.

That’s probably a good call.

This sounds like an improvment

Should be mildly less chaotic but still chaotic

Yeah I like the changes looks good

I think you mentioned it, but making crits more sparse is probably a good idea.

I think you’re making it too hard on evils with destroying 4 crystals. They all essentially can’t ally with each other and they also need to beat a collective good, because they all need to escape. You also now made it known that destroying relics is important for evils, so there will be more scrutiny on who received what when. No relics will be given away as easily. I had tailor made abilities for hunting relics and had the item to hunt for them and I was still in hot water around the time I reached 3/4 relics. Now evils still need to reach a second win condition on top of that.

Or you’re making crystals a lot more abundant on the map, but I’d rather have them remain special and scarce and lower the requirement.

Like evil won the first game by a big margin, but I think that’s also just how the players let it play out. Personally, I don’t see a big problem with evils being able to cooperate to a degree anyway. Maybe less mechanical alignment information should be given, if this is something you do not want, so it’s really about being able to read others, instead of just outright discouraging cooperation through wincons.

You already have enough of a NK like alignment in typically having to be the one to survive to endgame.

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On a different note, maybe killers should have a grace period of like 1 hour on being able to get loot first, either chest or on a corpse, so that they actually are surer to get something through killing. Ideally, it wouldn’t show the killer in the dorms then either.

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I had actually thought this was a bit on the high end, too. I considered asking Alice around how many total she planned to have to compensate for this, but then thought she might not want to get into those details.

Actually I was also curious if Alice has a ratio of Good to Evil she has in mind as ideally escaping. Good basically has an all-or-nothing with escaping. They need to pool together resources so everyone can escape or else no one will. So I could see how she might expect that if Good actually manages to activate the Gate, then the ratio of Good to Evil should be high. Like maybe double? Not sure what’s fair.

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Or I guess it’s more like Alice must have in mind a max number of Evil allowed to escape based on the number of crystals she’ll make available. Whereas Good doesn’t really have a max, but the number of crystals will affect the likely chance any will escape. I wonder if she’s willing to get into those details.

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I don’t think it’d be that much of a pain for evils to win. I’m planning for them to have far better tools now since I’m designing for less co-op. Also goods have no idea who else is good, so there’s still a chance infighting can stop good from cooperating.

Ample ways of solving this issue. Evils can choose to not announce that they found a crystal, or they can claim that their crystal was stolen somehow. I’m reducing the number to 3 as well.

I’m planning to do this. Most of the mech stuff was there to help evils cooperated. Turns out evils cooperate ended up far stronger than I thought.


I didn’t get sleep
I want to get sleep

This gives 2x damage right?
This is way too high.

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