🔥 Cat Battle Royale ARCHIE WIN

:fire: Rules :fire:

Follow Global Forum Rules

Official Forum Game Rules

Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First

:fire: How To Enter :fire:

Send katze and I a private message via the forums or discord containing a picture of your cat, your cat’s name, and a brief description of your cat.

:fire: How To Play :fire:

1: Send me cat.
2: Get placed in cat bracket.
3: Compete against other kitties in cat bracket.
4: Profit (free cat pics).

Each “phase” will last 24 hours, in which anyone can vote on which cats advance in the bracket. After each 24 hours, the bracket will be updated based on votes, cats will be YEETED from the competition, and another phase will begin until there is A SINGLE CAT STANDING. (the best cat)


:fire: FAQ :fire:

Q: Can I submit a cat I don’t actually own?
A: As long as it has a name and you have a picture of it (and you are willing to sacrifice it to the battle royale.) (Must have met cat in person)

Q: Can I vote even if I’m not in the game?
A: Yes

Q: What kind of picture should I send?
A: Any works

Q: Can I vote for my own cat?
A: Sure.

Q: Can people in the competition vote and people who have been eliminated vote?
A: Sure.

Q: This isn’t dangerous right?
A: :butter:

Q: Can I submit more than 1 cat?
A: You may submit a maximum of 2 cats.

Q: Can I submit my cat that’s totally not my dog?
A: Hm. Sure. (May the bracket be in your favor)

Q: if i drive down to florida and get a picture of katze can i submit it
A: Yes

Q: can it be 2 pics of same cat
A: if they have different names

:fire: Prize :fire:

Cat Champion Forum Title (1 Month)

:fire: Current Bracket :fire:

Submissions must be sent by 2021-08-18T02:00:00Z





why does someone need 24 hours to decide which cat picture is the best

It’s extremely important

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you can do that in like two minutes

pics sent

how tf do i pick just one

this isnt okay

You don’t have to /in by the way

Just send me pics

u can pick two

I’m going to send other animals out of spite

how tf do i pick just two

this isnt okay


how many cats do u have. I only remeber piper

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If I do not acknowledge your cat in the next 10 hours it’s becuase I’m asleep

oh and lulu

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sulit asked for a cohost so my cat wouldnt win for free


oh and archie. oh no that is too many

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and sensei

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i thought sensei was kats?

people also thought kat and i were sisters

what can i say

people are gullible