Catgirl Jester Nightless - [2/nyan] - Day 6 - Town Wins?!

Welcome to Catgirl Jester Nightless - Anonymous!

Hosted by Trowochi
Co-Hosted by Ita-nyan
Game Manager: eeveegirl
Alt Mod: Chlowoe


  1. Be Respectful at All Times
  2. Do not, or attempt to, angleshoot. If you have reason to believe that you know someone’s alignment from out of game information, message the host and you will be replaced.
  3. Do not weaponise the moderator.
  4. Do not communicate in any threads not sanctioned by the host.
  5. Follow the global forum rules.
  6. Speak in English only.
  7. This is a fully anonymous game, you may not out your identity at any time.

Also Follow These Or Cringe

Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First , and the Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules .


Cycles are 48 hours.
This is a nightless setup, meaning the doggirls have no factional kill, and no townies have any abilities to be used.
The only method of killing is the daily execution.
There will be an execution D1.
The doggirls will communicate via a private message on the forums or Discord.
The Jester has until the end of D3 to be executed, if still alive at the start of D4 they will compulsively die.
A successful Jester execution ends the game.
Executions are majority and plurality. In the case of a tie, the execution will rand between tied players. No-execution and self-votes are NOT valid votes
A minimum of twenty posts per day is required, if you do not meet this requirement twice, you will be replaced out.
If a player has not posted in the main thread in 24 hours, they will be prodded privately. Failure to respond to this prod within 12 hours will result in you being replaced out.

Roles & Flavor:

All vanilla townies will be catgirls. Both goons will be doggirls. The Jester? Well, I suppose you’ll have to wait and see.

Example cards below.

Vanilla Townie (Catgirl)


You might be a typical lazy catgirl, but that doesn’t mean you won’t do whatever it takes to remove the filthy canines in your midst! All you have is your vote and your meow, use it well nyan~
You win when all the doggirls have been exiled.
You lose if the Jester is executed before D3

Mafia Goon (Doggirl)

You’re sick and tired of all the pro-catgirl propaganda and preferential treatment being thrown their way. Where’s your dog parks and fetch, your rawhide and cuddles? Oh, you’ll make it happen alright - by infiltrating the catgirls from the inside out!
You win when you reach parity with the catgirls.
You lose if the Jester is executed before D3.


Vanilla Town (Catgirl)
Vanilla Town (Catgirl)
Vanilla Town (Catgirl)
Vanilla Town (Catgirl)
Vanilla Town (Catgirl)
Vanilla Town (Catgirl)

Mafia Goon (Doggirl)
Mafia Goon (Doggirl)


To spectate or backup, please DM @Trochilidae, @Chloe and @eevee on the forums or discord.


  1. Girlcat
  2. joycatgirl
  3. Bakeneko
  4. Nyan-chan
  5. purrelywholesome
  6. ChibiCat
  7. CatsTMGirl
  8. CatgirlCopvig
  9. nekomancer

Tips for Alting

1. Play this game on a different browser than your main one, or use a browser extension such as Firefox Multi-Account Containers

2. Mute the game thread on your main account, and mute other threads on your alt account. This makes it less likely that you will post in the wrong game on the wrong account.

3. Change your site theme while using an alternate account. If you use dark mode on your main, use light mode on your alt.


Alts being handed out shortly.

GM note:

This game is fully anonymous.

No PUBLIC speculation about identity or meta of people in the game is allowed.
No claiming or suggesting own identity is allowed.

Breaking this rule will lead to replacements / modkills.
And modkills in 9er hurt. Believe me.

GM note 2:

eevee girl is best catgirl.

No exceptions


GM note 3:

You are fully allowed to change password to your account, as long as you message us with new one in your PM.

(To do so you need to change your email first)

This will start at 2020-12-19T22:00:00Z.

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NAI Cool Host Pinglist


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Day 1 Begins.


NAI Wallpost on how we should play this game.

  • If a player ever openwolfs/lolcats, or WiFoMs being jester in a clearly nontown way. Leave them alive. We can afford to leave outed non-town alive even if we exclusively kill town d1-d3. If that person is mafia, we can execute them later, and if that person is jester, we don’t risk killing them. This brings to point #2 In that
  • For the love of god town please do not claim jester or meme about being jester. This is a deliberate wolf tactic used to get people to not vote them. I like funny haha memes but doing that will lead to the inevitable “hey what if this person is actually jester and trying to meme on us” reads. So don’t do it.
  • We have two jobs. Dodge the jester and kill the mafia. Day 1 -> Day 3 are probably most optimally executed by having a PoE of townreads, nontown reads, and a pool of people who are likely not the jester. Optimally, we execute people who are likely not the jester and still nontown. However, if all of the nontown reads likely have the jester in it, it is worth killing more townread players who we find very unlikely to be the jester. This setup itself is quite townsided ignoring the existence of the jester at all. 6:2 Town/Maf ratio is equivalent to a 3:1 Town/Maf ratio when the usual nightless one is 2:1. We have a buffer to dodge the jester and we should use it.
  • The person reading this is now manually breathing

reminder: please ping me/another host in all your votes

Seems like Nyobody is here. That’s rather Nyunfortunate.