Catgrill Night Jesterless - [2/7] - Jester won. Even two of them


Welcome to Catgrill Night Jesterless!

Hosted by eevee
Game Manager: Geydenyan


  1. Follow the Global Forum/Discord/Game/Meta Rules - Please Read First , and the Official Forum Mafia and Forum of Lies Rules .


Mafia chat - Works through day and night
Mafia kill - Compulsory
Phases - 48 hours / 5 minutes
In case of quickhammers, extensions are allowed.
Actions - Can (and probably should be) presubmited.
Yeets - True majority based

True Majority

True Majority - Elimination will happen upon reaching majority.
If no full majority is reached in a given time frame, all people who did not vote will not count towards majority requierment and votes will be checked again.
Example - If there is 15 people in game, but only 9 have voted, majority would be 5 instead.


Catgrill - Lynchproof Innocent Child
2 Cat Guards - Immune to scratching. While you are alive, the Catgrill is immune to cooking.
2 Grill Guards - Immune to cooking. While you are alive, the Catgrill is immune to scratching.

2 Jester Goons

Jesters may submit two kills every night - one cooking, and one scratching. May target same person.

Catgrills wincon - Eliminate all members of jester faction.
Jesters wincon - Eliminate all members of catgrill faction.
Total destruction imminent.


  1. Marluxion
  2. gorta - Catgrill
  3. KyoDaz - Town Grill - Died N2
  4. clonedcheese - Town Grill - Elimed D1
  5. Light - Town Cat - Died N2
  6. Intensify - Town Cat - Elimed D2
  7. Ami


  1. Nightingale
  2. Osie
  3. Crichard


  1. astand
  2. Pigeon
  3. Jane
  4. Eli
  5. Appel
  6. Amelia
  7. Dat
  8. Chloe
  9. Min
  10. Napoleon
  11. Windward
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oh my god

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/in this looks interesting

There is 5 minute night.
There is catgrill.
And there is no jester role, just faction.

100% correct name.


this is going to be a disaster



/informed spec

oh god oh fuck

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1 more!


/informed spec

Does this start like when filled or no

/informed specpotato

usually games don’t start until they are filled