CATHARS (evil faction suggestion)

hello good friends so i was recently playing a good game of ck2 and the cathars took control of soutern france through a secret religious cult (ck2 is a videogame about medieval kind of like throne of lies).

whats a cathar? they were an evil gnostic church that taught celibacy, creation is evil, god of old testament is evil, heresy about the trinity, etc. i think they would make an excellent evil faction

there would be only 1 role, the cathar

passive - cant be occupied (they are too focused on heresy)
night action - make celibate (the opponent will die in 1 turn)
night action - cooldown two nights (conver them to catharism)

when the blue dragon wins the screen will say “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”

what u think

you seem a little bit obsessed with adding real religions to a fantasy game,
along with including some interesting opinions in the suggestions lol

this is so potentially offensive i don’t even know where to start

(and let’s be honest by potentially offensive it probably actually is offensive)

also that’s not how catharism works in the real world

or well

worked i guess

f all round in chat