Chloe fan club (but only FM related) (formerly initiative to improve townplay thread) 😹

10 of the last 12 games on this site were wolf wins. We need to do something about improving villa play and “make every setup townsided” isn’t the answer

What do we do
how do we fix this


This is the site i know and love and i don’t want to move

but town on this site is not good

and we need to fix that


town here marches to the beat of their own drum and often lack coordination, and when they do have coordination, it’s often a wolf pushing their agenda

I think what needs to happen is that people need to stop playing for scumreads first and foremost

Playing by making PoEs and focusing there is what needs to happen

“im so sure that x is wolf lockwolf lockwolf lockwolf” is never the way to play. Im guilty of this but stopped.

Making a PoE and solving from there needs to happen


Let’s discuss specific examples of what lost town the game recently here:

BotFII: Cruelty and McCarthyism (by me, the de facto town leader)
SFoL 53: Stupid assumptions based on ability names, scummy posts by villagers, merciless V on V deathtunnels
Mafia Academy: Sheeping Red Herring Mechanics at all costs to the grave (confirmed Neutral Fruit Vendor), again, sheeping mechanics fails as it always does

I agree thinking of the big picture of reads like a poe is a lot more helpful than one direct scumread

et cetera

we could take lessons from BotC italy, ultimate town leader
unfortunately those games are long gone and i don’t think i can replicate that playstyle very well

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Town of Salem 2399 The Desolation of Storp will feature significantly better Town play because the village faction will be called the Town rather than the Blue Dragon or the Congregation.

On a Serious Level™, I think a big problem is that people seem to have this misconception that village play is a reversal of wolf play and vice versa rather than two entirely different games, and that impacts people’s ability to understand wolf motivation.


oh also don’t be inactive, don’t randomly and publicly Duel somebody just because they happened to make a chat including everybody but you


SFoL 58: Sheeping mechanics and getting suffocated by powerwolves

don’t duel somebody just because they’ve posted 30 photos and lolcatted for the entirety of day 1 and because lolduelmarshal

shit you just gave me a really good sfol/fm idea

BotF IV: Witch Hunting, attempt to mechanically solve and very little attempts to solve socially, town vig killing at least five town

Is it called SFoL69: Sheeping mechanics and getting suffocated by powerwolves

nobody can solely vote, instead they have to give their vote to another player and trust in that person to make the correct judgement
you can only use your vote for yourself if you already have other people’s votes

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slinks out of thread

in fairness that game was because i was focusing mainly on playing a (much better) village game on MU

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will tos 2399 have blue dragon miller, coven lost wolf and unseen scumfaction

i’m not going to answer that question