Ciconia FM - Dead Chat

There is dead interaction in this game.

However, if you wish, you can leave this chat and join spec chat (tell me in your rolecard).

Tonight, the DVC Energy Vigilante and all members of the Order of the Public Bath in this chat can vote for a living player. A player chosen by most votes will be killed. Ties are broken by prioritizing the choice of DVC Energy Vigilante.

Vote in your rolecards.


Ah… me dead

I didnt even have the chance to properly look into Ici, Rue and others

Oh well xD

So… Since I don’t have any information besides my reads that aren’t most likely fleshed out…
I’ll probably go into spec chat as soon as I put out my reads.
Which is very little, but hopefully it’ll give an idea of who to trust and who to not.

Yuno is trustable.
Vulgard is trustable.

I do not trust Wazza in the slightest.

Wagonomics dictate that the ones who voted me over Wazza can be evil if Wazza is evil. (Note: Preflip)

Nothing from pigeon as of the last time I was active: Why weren’t they up over me? If they had something and contributed to some discussion, ignore this.

Marluxion is most likely trustable.
3x3 posts were towny. Arctic’s slot is worth.
Alkali aka Chloe should be town.

WindwardAway should be treated with care; Try to watch out for telltale signs of them being scum near the EOD… If not, they should be town.

I can vote to kill somebody? Hol up.

What ze fuck

Please tell me that Cheese didn’t vig the cop…


Sorry for tunneling you >_<

So I got factionaled, Vulgard got anticlaimed, and Rokon probably got hit by the vig.

…also Wazza should have died last night.


Big sad.

No fucking idea why people here just vig their pet wolfreads over the PoE.

I learned from my ability that Alkali has a gold bar, whatever that does.

Okay… why give a gun to your strongest SR?

rip Alkali