Claim Cheatsheet (FoL/FM)

Hello! Have you ever wanted to make a sheet of player’s claims, but not had a clean, neat way of organising it? Well, look no further!

  • Player Name - Class Claim
    • Confirmed? (how they are confirmed, if so)

Pretty neat, huh? Copy the following to get this;

>* **Player Name -** Class Claim
>* * **Confirmed?** (how they are confirmed, if so)
> ___

There are a few other things you can do to colour code it, or symbolise claims.

Blue Dragon - The main faction. Steblue colour.
Unseen - One of the antagonistic factions. Purple colour.
Cult - One of the antagonistic factions. Darkred colour.
Neutral - Neutral classes. Gray colour.

:drop_of_blood: Royal Blood - Drunk/Alcoholic, Noble/Aristocrat, Princess/Duchess, Prince or King.
:crown: King - The Player that is King.

:mag: Investigative Class - Investigative class can investigate others, revealing clues about their class, faction or type.
:dagger: Killer Class - Killer classes can have an ability that allows them to kill, and they use this to advance their goals.
:candle: Offensive Class - Offensive classes can use offensive abilities and techniques to disrupt foes, including occupation and target changing.
:left_speech_bubble: Social Class - Social classes use abilities to either better communicate with other players or to alter voting.
:star_and_crescent: Special Class - Some classes are one-of-a kind. These classes don’t fill in on other type.
:syringe: Support Class - Support classes aid and defend others by healing or empowering other classes

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An example of how this may look in game;

  • Magnus - Good King :crown: :drop_of_blood:
    • Confirmed (via Guard)

  • Julian - Sheriff :mag:
    • Confirmed (via Check)

  • Beetee - Cult Leader :star_and_crescent:
    • Unconfirmed (no room for otherwise)

Be creative in your formatting!