Class Making Tutorial

Tutorial for making your own classes with slates!
Follow these steps to make a custom class with ease (it does take time though)

  1. Download the .psd file linked below.

  2. Go to You should see a page like this: Screenshot - 6c78c32badb11566e25e6b0915e7172b - Gyazo

  3. Click “Open from computer” and navigate to the Downloads folder. Select the classSlate-v2.psd file.

  4. Click on the Text tool in the sidebar on the left. Its the large T.

  5. Click on the text that says “THE CLASS NAME”

  6. You should see that you opened a textbox. Click on the box that is filled white to the right of the text size changer in the bar at the top that appeared. Try to make the color of the text as close to the color of the faction you are making the class for as possible. When you are done, type in the name of your class and click the check mark.

  7. Do this process for the rest of the text. Worry about images later.

  8. Turn your attention to this section: Screenshot - 9720e7e3af74a7a9055b138114275311 - Gyazo Click on the arrow to open the drop-down menu called “Left Info”. If your class cannot be converted, click on the Eye next to “PortraitConvertedSrr” to make it invisible. Now click on “PortaitMain”. Click the eye next to the Border that has the faction of your class (example: I want to make a Blue Dragon class. I will click the eye next to Border-BD.)

8.5. If your class can be converted, do the exact same as step 9 except with INSERT_CONVERT.

  1. Click on the drop-down menu of INSERT-PORTRAIT. Make “Unknown-Portrait” Invisible. Click on Unknown-Portrait and paste in the image of what you want to be your classes portrait. If you need to move around the image, press v to select the Move tool and drag it around.

  2. Once you’re finished, revert the drop-down menus and open FactionIcons and TypeIcons. IconBD and TypeSocial are selected by default. Make the icon of your faction and type visible, and make all others invisible.

  3. Open the drop-down menu for Right Info. Go into Passive abil slots, and do the same steps as 8.5 and 9 for the ability slots. If you only have one passive, disable one ability slot and disable its corresponding passive. These will be Passive 1 and Passive 2 underneath the passive abil slots.

  4. Do the same steps as 11 for Day Abilities and Night Abilities.

  5. Once everything is finished, click File, then Export As, then PNG (or jpg if you want it doesnt matter). And click Save. If this class is a meme, post the .png out of your downloads folder into #tol-memes. If its a legitimate class idea that you want to be balanced, post it in this channel (#class-lore-fanfic)

Enjoy class making!
and remember, hail Giles!