[Class Suggestion] The Baron | The Thaumaturge (AntiBDClasses)

The Baron (Neutral Offensive)

Immune to Conversion

Passive: Royal Revenge - If you are executed for treason, the King will die the next day.

Night Ability 1: Royal Decree (2 uses)
Take Royal Blood from them if they have it. Give Royal Blood to them if they don’t.

Night Ability 2: Fraudulent Shaming (Infinite uses)
If your target is voted for Treason, all the trial votes will be reversed. Execute will be Pardon and Pardon will be Execute. Abstains will be normal.

Day Ability 1: Proclaim Throne (1 use)
Reveal the King’s true alignment to you.
Note: Usable when King is voted to Trial

Day Ability 2: Prison Ordain (2 uses)
The Prince will not be able to execute tonight.

Goal: Survive to see the Blue Dragon perish.

Lore: “Adiart give me strength.”

The Baron was never always grumpy. He had seen dangerous times. Many people believed he had been at Adiart’s side during the war. Throughout the course of history, the Baron had commanded many armies, he had many victories on his belt, and held many accolades. It was no secret he held a grudge against the former King Adiart, because the seat of power had always been in his eyes. But he would never betray Adiart, loyalty like that does not waver. After Adiart’s passing, the new King that rose to the throne was naive and unpredictable. Most of the Blue Dragon would constantly contest the court and the Baron grew tiresome. He would make it his goal to end the Blue Dragon and form a new army of his own. Using the enemies of the Blue Dragon to his advantage, he could gain power.

The Thaumaturge (Neutral Offensive)

Immune to Conversion

Passive: Royal Spell - As long as you live, the Prince can be Occupied.

Night Ability 1: Magic Blacksmith (1 use)
You will cast a spell that causes all attacks tonight to bypass death immunity.

Day Ability 1: Mindwarp (Infinite uses)
You will cast a spell that reveals your targets last night action to you.
Note: In detail… example:

"<person1> Healed <person2> last night."
"<person1> Followed <person2> last night."
"<person1> Converted <person2> last night."

Day Ability 2: Mind Control (2 uses)
You will cast a spell that forces your target to target somebody of your choosing (They will be unaware).

Goal: Survive to see the fall of Blue Dragon.

Lore: In the days of old, Wizards and Sages would battle to see who among them were the strongest. But they always discounted the Thaumaturge.

The Thaumaturge was the strongest of all those born with magic in their blood. They always stood firmly on their beliefs that Dragons once roamed the skies as Gods, while they also believed that the Blue Dragon were the reason they no longer exist. However, rumours flew through the magical guild that the Blue Dragon have an ancient dragon held captive below Castle Adiart. The Thaumaturge would forge an unholy alliance with Blue Dragon’s enemies, ensuring their fall to release the Dragon.