Classes that are good where they're at

We always talk about what classes need fixing but never talk about which classes are fine :thinking:

I would like to share my personal list:

  • Chronomancer
  • Court Wizard
  • Drunk
  • Hunter
  • Knight
  • Observer
  • Physician
  • Reaper
  • Possessor
  • Sorcerer
  • Inquisitor
  • Sellsword
  • Unseen converts
  • Cult converts
  • Cult Leader

Actually, there are some things I don’t like.

Like decide fate killing king with arrow.

Exhume revealing NK and saying “alch” when NK is king.

Sorcerer not being able to use both day abilities in the same day (which makes the class the most frustrating to use).

But they are minor.

seeker is useless

sorc is still bad

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You like the cult converts…? Seeker and Apostle need some sort of change, imo.

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Inq also needs a change too tbh lol

Hidden heretics hidden heretics hidden heretics


Also I don’t see Scorned on that list what heresy is this

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Wait so like all of them?

Handmaiden @Intensifys

I do think that NKs should have some form of occupation/redirection immunity back, as it’s unfair to be locked down for three nights(I get why the cult/assassin don’t have immunity as they are expendable but NKs and MM should have it back) , and Sorcerer still needs a buff.

  • Inquisitor

Why do you think Inq is fine? It’s basically a worse scorned that can side BD. The recent open Inq meta is really unfair to evils, and goes against the goal of Inq. It should be trying to kill the heretics, not confirming them. I also don’t see why Inq needs to exist. It doesn’t have a purpose that can’t be done with scorned

I do think the converts could use a few small buffs, and more of a reason to sacrifice converts in general.

Aside from those I agree. Though why aren’t Scorned and Fool on that list? Those are fine.

I agree with scorned being fine tho

Why do people have a problem with Fool?


not all Unseen converts are fine
Seeker isn’t fine
Inquisitor is not fucking fine at all

Fool garbage

Fol agrees

Well FoL is a very different game from Throne of Lies so that’s a bad comparison

breathes in

Fool punishes proper play, in that not only executing suspicious people could result in losing a trial, but executing a literally redchecked person punishes you. This means you have to constantly go “But what if its FoOl” Every. Single. Trial. Combine this with the fact that the only reliable way to kill it at night is Prince.

And before anyone says “but what about the newbies?” There’s a newcomer tag. Plus, fool encourages bad play as evil, in deliberately making yourself suspicious.

Jesters are never okay in mostly all settings, and Throne of Lies is no different. Fool goes against many core concepts of the game with its punishment and win condition, and discourages BD from using social deduction in a social deduction game. Trying to socially deduce a Fool is a fruitless endeavor, as they have the capability to act exactly like any kind of scum.

I meant the people on this website*

dont listen to the haters

fool is cool :sunglasses:

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Just remove Fool penalty looser

Poss is broken so like shrug whatever I guess.
Reaper has some counter play to like Drunk atleast with circles and stuff.
And Sorc just suffers

Not every single trial. If one fool is dead, then you can be reasonably sure that there won’t be another. If all three neuts have been confirmed, you can be sure that it’s not a fool

I don’t see how that is a bad thing since there should always be some doubt . Also, can’t you say the same about scorned?

It doesn’t discourage it, it just forces people to deduce if the player is a fool or actual evil. That’s just a different type of deduction. And isn’t that a good thing? You should never be able to 100% confirm someone.

Or just leaving it alone, or knight, or using hunter to check if it’s evil.

To drunk yes(though drunk could still redirect the circle of death) but not Butler.

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