Clickbait? [Misc?]

There is a room. The door to the room is closed.

/open door

/pit-hag pigeon into the Politician

what’s up guys xxdoucheslayer69xx here and today I’m about to explore this door. Before I begin, please hit the the subscribe button or else Pretender will be under your bed tonight and also make sure to hit that notification button and BEEELLLL. Lastly give me a quick thumbs up and leave a comment down below about your favorite part cause today we’re definitely gonna die. Also before I begin this video was sponsered by Squarespace: Shadow AudioLegends Wix Honey LegendsNiteCraft. Squarespace: Shadow AudioLegends Wix Honey LegendsNiteCraft is a free mobile microtransaction sinkhole so buy it because I was payed 10000 bucks to say so and I’m a sellout.


/literally just die

/pit-hag katze into the Ravenkeeper


/start a small, contained fire in the middle of the room

I look around at the rest of the room, taking into account what I see.

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Oh god I come back and see xxdoucheslayer69xx

You open the door.
The room has a monitor in the middle of the room, with a medium tower. The computer seems to be turned off. There is a cupboard to the West in the room and a counter to the East of the room. The counter has 5 drawers.

Thanks to Magnus’s future intervention, you now foresee that one of the 5 drawers contains useful stuff and the rest of the drawers are full of unusable stuff (red herrings).

Command invalid. Politician not found.

Katze has eliminated xxdoucheslayer69xx. I approve.

Command invalid. Ravenkeeper not found. Did you mean to post here? (Blood on the Forums VI: Shurian’s Wrathful Massacre)

Cat not found. Cat cute tho.

You set the middle of the room on fire.
Oh. Isnt that where the computer i-

Pigeon has caused the computer to explode.

Resetting Room.
Now everyone can go back into the room.

/start building up speed

You start to build up speed.
Speed is a drug.
Drugs are bad.

You get addicted to speed.

I go to the counter and open all the drawers, to determine the relevant items.

There are 5 drawers.
Magnus opens the first one.

It contains fruits, vegetables and plastic wrapping.

Magnus opens the second one.
It contains a knife and a knife sharpener.

Magnus opens the third one.
It contains a photo of a young boy and his father.

Magnus opens the fifth one.
It contains wires and a network switch.

Magnus pulls at the fourth.
There is blood.

You now hear faint screaming in the background.

Closes the fourth drawer, close the second drawer.
I take out the wires and network switch, and close the drawer before heading towards the computer monitor, and examining it.

The screams of pain gets louder after you close the drawer.

Upon looking closer, the wires are LAN cables. There is a LAN Cable connector in the tower.

I plug in the wires into the connector, whistling a tune to drown out the screaming.

The screaming stops as soon as you plug in the switch from the computer to the wall. (Simplifying)

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I turn the computer on, if possible.